Curt Warburton; released or in pursuit of better?

Yesterday (29th October) BAMMA officials informed the press and fans likewise, that they had release Curt Warbuton from his contract and that they wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. For many this was premature seeing as Curt has had a good stint with BAMMA, going 3-1 and winning the British title when he defeated Stevie Ray and only recently suffering a blip when he lost to Mansour Barnaoui.

In a press release, BAMMA said;
BAMMA officials have this morning confirmed that Curt Warburton has been released from his BAMMA contract.
Warburton vacated his BAMMA British Lightweight title to fight upcoming Mansour Barnaoui for the BAMMA World Lightweight belt at BAMMA 13. The veteran lost via a Knock Out in the first round. Barnaoui goes on to face Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher at BAMMA 14 on 14th December.

BAMMA’s director, Ashley Bothwell, said: “We wish Curt all the best in his future endeavours.”
However Warburton begged to differ and took to twitter where he laughed off claims of being released.

Just come on twitter and seen some nice words from @BAMMAUK mmmm #reliesedHahaha

— curt warburton (@curtwarburton) October 29, 2013

Warburton’s manager, Elite MMA Agency, manager to many top UK fighters, also took to Twitter this morning whereby he said there would be a press release later today about Curt’s  ‘New deal’.

@curtwarburton there will be a press release today – congrats on our new deal mate


As we’ve seen with Leeroy Barnes, who is also an Elite MMA Agency client, there could be a possible jump to the Cage Warriors brand, which would no doubt bring more regularity to Curt’s fighting career.
When quizzed by James Capper on Twitter about the possibility of Warburton joining the CWFC roster, Press Manager Paul Dollery replied;
Embedded image permalink
You may take something from that, but Curt and his manager seem happy with their new deal so lets just sit back and wait for the press release with anticipation.


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