Interview: Max ‘Power’ Nunes ahead of BAMMA 13 this Saturday

If you haven’t heard of Max Nunes yet then where the hell have you been hiding? Max “Power” Nunes (11-0) comes into Bamma 13 riding an 11 fight win streak and will be looking to be crowned the promotions 1st World Light Heavyweight Champion. Since his first professional fight in July 2010 Nunes has been on a storm in the Light Heavyweight division taking out opponents left, right and centre. His accurate striking and killer instinct inside the cage has earnt him finishes in all of his 11 professional fights with only two going outside the first round. He is set to take on Jason Jones in the Bamma 13 main event in what should be a classic match up between a veteran and a rising star of the sport. MMAnarchy caught up with Nunes in the run up to the fight to discuss his training camp, sparring with UFC stars and the growth of MMA in Scandinavia . Here is what Max had to say:
MMAnarchy – Max thanks for taking out the time to speak to us. September 14th is coming round very quickly, how has camp been so far and how are you feeling ahead of the fight?
Max – Training has been going great, I have been preparing for this fight at Alliance in San Diego and Allstars in Stockholm and also New Wave Academy in London .
MMAnarchy – You will be headlining the card and taking on tough Dutch fighter Jason Jones. How confident are you that you will be able to beat Jones and maintain your undefeated record?
Max – I am never confident that I will win. However that’s what keeps me on my toes. It keeps things exciting and I don’t get complacent.
MMAnarchy – This will be your fourth fight for Bamma and you have picked up three stoppage wins so far. Are you going into this one looking for a finish?
Max – It is never something I go looking for, I just react to situations and seize on opportunities – it just happens.
MMAnarchy – Does being in the main event and fighting for a title make you feel any additional pressure?
Max – No not really, a fight is a fight.
MMAnarchy – Now recently Jason Jones has ramped up the verbal assault and posted some rants online. Have you watched any of his online videos and if so what do you make of them?
Max – Yeah I saw some of them and thought they were really funny. I enjoy things like that.
MMAnarchy – How much do you know about your opponents before you enter the cage or are you a fighter who just focuses on your own game and see how it unfolds on fight night?
Max – I am more focused on me rather than him.
MMAnarchy – Have you spent a majority of your camp at the New Wave Academy or has it been split between London and Alliance MMA?
Max – My time has been split. Over the last few months I have been spending a lot of time at Alliance and also All Stars in Stockholm . Now that I am back in the UK I am finishing off my work at New Wave Academy.
MMAnarchy – I saw recently you tweeted a picture after sparring with UFC HW Brendan Schaub. Just how good as a mixed martial artist is it to spar with top stars from the UFC?
Max – Yes correct. Brendan is a nice guys and we did some great rounds. I believe that the better your training partners the more you learn. I love mixing it up with UFC level fighters.
MMAnarchy – I remember reading an early interview with you following Bamma 11 at which stage you said you felt you was performing at about 10-20% of your full potential. Where do you feel you are now?
Max – I am at around 30% now. There is a lot more to come.
MMAnarchy – You fought an amazing 6 times in 2012 and this fight at Bamma 13 will be your third of this year. Barring any injuries etc how many times would you ideally like to fight each year?
Max – 4-5 is ideal for me. I am always in shape so if there is an opportunity to fight I want it.
MMAnarchy – Now you’re obviously a huge guy, just how difficult is it to make the cut to 205 and do you think that you may make a step up in the future?
Max – It isn’t hard for me at all. No issues fighting at 205. I won’t be going up in weight classes.
MMAnarchy – Just how big is MMA in Sweden? Obviously we had a recent UFC event there, Alexander Gustafsson’s (Sweden) has recently been given a LHW title shot and also Gunnar Nelson (Iceland) has impressed recently. Have you noticed a rise in interest and popularity in the sport?
Max – Gunnar is from Iceland but it just proves that not only is MMA growing massively in Sweden but also in Scandinavia as a whole. They love it out there and really support the sport.
MMAnarchy – What are your main goals in MMA?
Max – To Improve. To reach my potential and to keep learning. That is what drives me.
MMAnarchy – Finally is there anyone you would like to thank or mention?
Max – Thank you to everyone who has helped me prepare for this fight; New Wave Academy MMA, Alliance Training Centre, Allstars, Elite Athletes, Bad Boy, Maximuscle, MMA Plus, Bridge Dental Lab, Ben Daly Roofing. Thanks to everyone for the love and support.
You can catch Max on Twitter: @MaxPowerNunes
Best of luck to Max this weekend and be sure to watch Bamma 13 Saturday night on Channel 5.

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