“MMA world, now you see me!” – Carl Kinslow after win over Misiek

This past weekend we witnessed something special, something that has been referred to as a real life Rocky story. Carl Kinslow started his career as a welterweight fight, amassing a record of 1-4-1. He then came back to UCMMA after 2 years out, and many pies, and took a last minute fight against Paul Taylor at heavyweight. He put up a great fight but the fight was stopped due to a massive cut. That then ignited a fire within Kinslow as he began training properly and taking the fight game much more seriously.
It was then announced he would take on Ben Smith and instantly people wrote him off, which proved to be a big mistake as he dealt with Smith’s wrestling skills with ease before finishing the fight with a TKO win. Kinslow was delighted that his hard work at Combat Sports Academy was paying off and felt that it was now his time to shine.
Kinslow will fight anyone, and when UCMMA offered a fight with Misiek at light-heavyweight, he jumped at the opportunity. Not many people in the UK want to fight Misiek and when people saw that a 2-5-1 guy was challenging Misiek, they, again, wrote him off instantly, sighting that although he got a good win over Smith, Misiek was another level.

Once again it was a big mistake by all who wrote Kinslow off as he proved everyone wrong by beating the #5 ranked light-heavyweight in the country. He now moves to 3-5-1.
We caught up with Carl post fight and here’s what he had to say;
You went into the fight as an underdog, is it something you enjoy, causing an upset?
I just embrace a fight, a war, it comes from fighting all the pie makers for extra pies!
Did Misiek do anything that you didn’t expect?
Misiek is a class a fighter! Nothing takes me by surprise at his level, his guard pass was ninja-like, his legs were close to the ceiling almost doing a handstand to clear my legs Spiderman style!
He got you down in the 1st round, were you in trouble at any point?
He got me on the floor with a nice single leg attack but I’m glad he did it, it woke me up by getting hit in head and was fun from that point on!
In the 2nd and 3rd, he gassed a little, did you know that you had the fight wrapped up at this stage?
Seriously I did not want the fight to end it was amazing, two people showing the crowd an Ali-Frazier like fight. I knew I won the fight before I stepped in the cage, it’s not cocky, it’s confident, a champion mind set, ‘All I see is gold’ is a saying I live by just before this amazing win!
You had a bad start to your career, you have now turned it around, how does it feel to be living a real life rocky story?
All I can say is adriannnnnnnn! If I keep getting hit by big blokes, I’ll talk like Rocky aswell [laughs]. I am the real life Rocky that eats pies and talks about donkeys!
Have you changed anything in your training to get better fight results?
I do ten roley poleys, that’s seemed to help me win fights and the more I talk about zebras, the more power I get, there’s the secret right there!
The news just came out that you are challenging for the LHW title against Nick Chapman, how do you feel about that fight?
I feel amazing; I respect anyone I come to face.
Do belts mean anything to you or is it just another fight?
It’s all about the win and bringing home what’s mine in any situation. I embrace the grind I’m never cocky I’m just confident!
You’ve called Chapman out on a few occasions now, you finally get your chance, does Chapman possess any skills you are wary of?
No one really calls out fighters unless you’re The Rock or Big Show, so I thought I’d be different! Can you smell what Carl is cooking!? I never put my focus on anyone I face, but the respect is high, that’s my mind set.
What would it mean to become UCMMA champ after the poor start to your career?
If you look at my last fight, people will realise I make my dreams a reality! I don’t look at the past, I only have tunnel vision looking forwards!
Any people to thank?
I want to thank everyone; coaches, friends, everyone I meet as they help growth of the sport in every way, people who help in any sort of way, UCMMA, the list goes on. There’s so many that help, I’d be here forever, but they know they’re legends. Also my lady for putting up with me and lastly to you Mr George for hearing my madness of a mind… MMA world, now you see me!!!

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