Interview: Storm Gym’s Andrew ‘King Cobra’ Tate post Enfusion Live

Andrew Tate is a 26 year old K1 fighter who fights out of Storm Gym in Luton and is a master of the self-labelled Tateshinkai art. He recently fought on the Enfusion Live card at the Indig02 in London when he took on Marlon Hunt in a match which had many talking. We managed to grab the man known as the ‘King Cobra’ for a few words pos-fight and here’s what he had to say.
Training at Storm gym, one of the best and most recognised stand up gyms in the country, how is it?
I first learnt to kill in the foothills of Wudan 4000 years ago. After completing tutelage under master PO I travelled to the west and began to learn the art of fighting for sport under Amir Subasic at Storm Gym. He understands how to hurt people and I’m a good student.
You recently took on Marlon Hunt at Enfusion Live whereby you defeated him; there was a lot of bad blood pre-fight, I believe, what was that all about?
He avoided me for a long time, claiming I wasn’t worthy of fighting him. He insulted the Tateshinkai style and Wudan Mountain. He believed all I could do was bang, so I aimed to hurt him and keep him alive.
You had him badly hurt in the 1st and 2nd round catching him with some big shots, are you a little annoyed that you didn’t get the stoppage?
He was hurt. I stood in the middle of the ring and waited until he was conscious enough to take another punch. I was nice to him. I could have finished him at any time, he knows that. I hope his cheek recovers; I don’t think he will ever take a solid punch again. His face was a mess.
You won the fight, so all the pre-fight talk is probably been put to bed now, but how do you think the fight went for you on the whole?
I knocked him down in the first and after the round my brother told me in the corner not to knock him out, play with him. I decided not to finish him. His face was a mess and he lived the three rounds getting hit. He knew I hit harder, now knows I’m technically better. Tateshinkais honour is restored. I think I may have got hit once, it didn’t hurt.
You possess this power whereby you can hit people from weird, strange angles and still affect them, do you think that this allows you to take more risks within fights as you know that you’re only one punch away from a game-changer?
This power was learnt through the gentle motions of catching Chinese butterflies amongst the lilies of Tianchi lake. Only unorthodox speed and movement could capture them during their non-linear flight. The same movements with chi applied have the power to hurt a man from any angle. I do not understand this word “risk”.
That’s a few wins now on Enfusion, beating Marin Scouten back in March, are you looking for one of those shiny Enfusion World titles?
I’m looking for inner peace, achievement and happiness; titles are a small part of a very large puzzle.
Glory seem to be the place to be right now for K-1 style fighters, so as many people say that you’re the number 1 guy, is that where you want to be competing soon?
I turned Glory down to fight for Enfusion. Enfusion have promised me 5 fights a year and it’s fights that I need. Without constant contests, my decent from Wudan is fruitless. Tateshinkai was developed there; I am only here to test its application amongst the most dangerous fighters in the world.
You are from the USA originally, but train in England at Storm Gym, why did you move from the USA in the first place?
I have lived for 4,700 years. I have resided everywhere, England is the base for my current journey, 5000 years from now… who knows.
MMA is massive now within the USA, if you were to have stayed there, do you think it would have been more likely that you would be an MMA fighter instead of K1?
I have fought MMA already, there is no switch in style for me, my style is universal. Tateshinkai can be used in any rule set; I fight exactly the same way in MMA, kickboxing, k1 or boxing, there is no change.
You are a very interesting character, one that is either loved or hated, but very to the point with no nonsense. Is that just bravado for self-promotion from a self-marketing point of view?
The world is full of lies and honesty is brutal, only the weak are offended.
Once again thanks for your time, as I know from your Facebook posts that you’re a very busy guy, so lastly I’d like to ask, why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
You have a mental and a physical side, everyone does, and I found the lowest common denominators to each. Intelligence is subjective, is a mathematician smarter than an artist? Who knows? So I used money. If somebody can generate money, they are a smart person. I’m from a single mother, council estate and now drive a 90k Aston Martin that had nothing to do with fighting. As for physical, who’s fitter, a rower or a runner? Who knows? So I used fighting. It’s the lowest common denominator. I knock men out. I am physically and mentally successful, I’m above average in every regard, nobody can question me.
Any people to thank, sponsors, coaches etc?
I’d like to thank Master PO of Wudan Mountain, Amir Subasic of Storm Gym and myself.


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