Enfusion Live – June 29th – Report + Results

Enfusion Live was back at The Indig02 in Greenwich once again last night and 3 new champions were crowned, one of which being the Enfusion Live World Title which was contested by Rittijack Kaewsamrit of Thailand and Amine Kacem of France.

Rittijack was the heavy favourite going into the fight and many thought that he would blow out Kacem within as little as one round. This was not the case. The fightg went the full 5 rounds and what a war it was!
During the fight, there seemed to be a little bit of confusion as Kacem continually threw elbows, which as we know are illegal under Enfusion rules. Possibly the rules were lost in translation, but after being deducted 2 points and being told that another foul would incur him being disqualified, he soon stopped throwing the elbows.
In the co main event of the evening, local lad Michael Wakeling was back on Enfusion after headlining the last show in London. He took on Yassine Mattiri, a fighter that appeared to be a tricky customer in the opening stages with some awkward movements. However, Wakeling caught him with a speedy combo which rocked him, and from then on he didn’t let him off the hook. Mattiri received 2 standing counts before being knocked down whereby the ref stopped the fight.
In a grudge match between Andrew Tate and Marlon Hunt, whereby a lot was said pre-fight, Tate went to work in usual fashion. Hunt looked a little hesitant to come forward due to the power we know Tate possesses, and that was evident when Tate caught him with a right hook in round 1 which dropped him. A standing 8 count for Hunt in the 2nd round as well as broken cheek bone which was very swollen saw him drop a loss to the widely regarded world number one, ‘Cobra’ Tate.
In the only women’s bout of the evening, Enfusion TV series winner; Denise Keilohitz from Holland took on local girl and kick specialist Christi Brereton. The Enfusion rules state that judo throws are legal and Keilohitz used this to affect, quite possibly the best use of judo ever seen on an Enfusion show. The crowd began to boo as Denise continually threw Brereton to the canvas, but both fought hard to the end in a thrilling contest whereby Denise was getting the better of the boxing range. Brereton needed to kick more but the judo and leg catch was possibly putting her off of throwing the kicks.
Local lad Charlie Peters took on the tough Abdel Bchiri which also went the distance. For the first 2 rounds Peters went to work, dominating the fight with perfectly timed kicks and body punches. However during the 2nd, he hurt his right hand which clearly had an effect on him in the 3rd as he didn’t come out firing as in the previous 2 rounds. Quite possibly still won the 3rd, but it was a lot closer than the first 2 rounds.
Adam Hart destroyed Remi Reblys in the first round after landing a powerful head kick. After making the count, Hart was back on Reblys case attacking with intent to finish the fight.
The Fighting Rookies card was just as exciting with 2 ICO title on the line as well as some other awesome local match ups.
In an ICO world title fight, Richard Barnhill took on Alexander Schmidt. In the initial stages of the fight, Schmidt was walking forward and putting it on Barnhill who seemed to have no answer. However, out of nowhere, Barnhill landed the sweetest punch to the solar plexus which dropped Schmidt and he couldn’t make the count.
Local lad Adam-Lee Mason and Andrew Lofthouse went to war in a 3 round battle. The slim figure of Lofthouse was a very awkward fighter, hands low drawing Mason in before throwing knees or jabs perfectly timed and perfectly placed. Mason seemed to have his success mostly in the boxing range but he just couldn’t find the answers to Lofthouse’s puzzle. Mason was left a bloody mess as Lofthouse racked up another win to take back to Manchester.
Richard Walker and Rickie Hamilton went to war while it lasted. Walker had Hamilton hurt but he recovered and then Hamilton had Walker down. Unfortunately, Hamilton hit Walker on the back of the head which whilst he was down which meant Walker got longer than the 10 seconds to recover; Hamilton also got a point taken away. When it resumed, Hamilton was moving forward to finish the fight but Walker landed a solid shot which drove Hamilton to the canvas and he wasn’t able to make the count. Without a doubt, for me, the fight of the night.
Daniel Terry vs Ross George struggled to get going as George was staying on the outside, throwing inside leg kicks and evading most of what Terry was throwing. Not much of significance happened within the fight buttery did enough to win it with ease from dominance of the ring.
Rory Crawford looked close to finishing the fight against Martin Avery with a flurry of body shots; Rory started slow, but began to come into the fight looking dominant as it went on, however Avery landed a solid right hand to Crawford’s chin whilst on the back foot which finished the fight.
Semtex Essex’s Kyle Helleur got the decision over Jamie Hawkshead in a thrilling battle between 2 fighters who put on a show. The first round Hawkshead threw a lot of shots to keep Helleur from him. This meant that as the fight went on Helleur began to take control as Hawkshead began to fase away and get tired. It was a close fight but the decision was correct, one that was disputed by Hawkshead. Helleur is a young fighter, and now ICO British Champion, the future looks bright.
After a close first round between Nigel Thomas and Karl Langley, the 2nd round was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’. Thomas came out firing on all cylinders hurting Langley on multiple occasions forcing the corner to throw the towel in.
Enfusion Live show
Fight of the night: Rittijack Kaewsamrit vs Amine Kacem
Knockout of the night: Michael Wakeling (vs Yassine Mattiri)
Fighter of the night: Charlie Peters (vs Abdel Bchiri)
Fighting Rookies show
Fight of the night: Richard Walker vs Rickie Hamilton
Knockout of the night: Martin Avery (vs Rory Crawford)
Fighter of the night: Andrew Lofthouse (vs Adam-Lee Mason)
Enfusion Live official Fighter of the night: Michael Wakeling
Full Results:
Enfusion Live:
Enfusion Live 60kg World Title
Rittijack Kaewsamrit def. Amine Kacem via Unanimous Decision
Michael Wakeling def. Yassine Mattiri via TKO 1.32 round 1
Andrew Tate def. Marlon Hunt via Unanimous Decision
Denise Keilohitz def. Christi Brereton via Unanimous Decision.
Charlie Peters def. Abdel Bchiri via Unanimous Decision
Adam Hart def. Remi Reblys via TKO 1.18 round 1
Fighting Rookies
ICO World Title Fight
Richard Barnhill def. Alexander Schmidt via KO (body shot)
Andrew Lofthouse def. Adam-Lee Mason via Unanimous Decision
Richard Walker def. Rickie Hamilton via KO 2.24 round 2
Daniel Terry def. Ross George via Unanimous Decision
Martin Avery def. Rory Crawford via KO 0.41 round 2
ICO British Title Fight
Kyle Helleur def. Jamie Hawkshead via Unanimous Decision
Nigel Thomas def. Karl Langley 0.25 round 2 via TKO (Corner throws towel in)

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