“I’ve never been as ready as this” – Andrew Fisher ahead of OMMAC 17

Andrew Fisher is the man who will be taking on Shay Walsh at OMMAC 17 for the featherweight title. Fisher is on a three-fight win streak and looks to win what is regarded as an important title in the UKMMA scene. He spoke to Love2Fight about how he feels about his upcoming bout.

Hi Andrew, thanks for talking to Love2Fight – would you like to introduce yourself?

Hello my name is Andrew fisher I’m a professional featherweight MMA fighter with a record of 11-4-1.

In your next fight you will be competing for the OMMAC British Featherweight title. Are you looking forward to it?

I can’t wait, I would fight now if I could, I’ve never been as ready as this.

How does it feel to have a shot at the title?

It feels great, OMMAC is a massive show and it’s a very credible title to hold but I’m more concerned about the fight and my opponent than any titles.

This fight also marks your debut at OMMAC, where some big UK MMA names have fought, have you aspired to fight at this promotion?

I’ve fought on it twice before when it was called Cage Gladiators so I know it’s a well ran show and it has a great atmosphere, and with me being the away fighter is pushing me even more.

Your opponent for this fight will be Shay Walsh – do you know much about him?

Yeah I watched him fight before, he’s a talented up and comer who’s shooting up the ranks.

You have won five of your last six fights, with one draw. Do you feel like you’re in great form at the moment?

It’s my time now, I’ve been around a while now and maybe took some fights at the wrong time when I was younger but I’m not a kid anymore. I’ve gained so much experience and it’s my turn to make a run at the big shows.

Only three of your fights, and three of Shay’s fights have gone to decision – is this fight going to need the judges?

Neither of us have boring fights and I suspect this will be no different, stylistically I think it makes for a great matchup.

You’ve finished the majority of your wins by submission, is your ground game your strongest asset?

I would say I’m the most well rounded fighter in the UK featherweight division at the minute, so I’m happy what ever happens.

How is training going for this fight?

Best it’s ever been, I’ve never been so motivated for anything in my life, this is just the start of big things to come.

Thanks again for the interview, and good luck for the fight. Do you have anybody you’d like to thank?

Thank you for asking me. I’d like to thank all my training partners at NEVT and my students at TFT, my conditioning coach Barry Gibson at Grapplefit, my girlfriend and two children and I’d like to thank god for blessing me with all of the above.

Photo credit: MMAbay


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