Shay Walsh Ahead of His OMMAC 17 Title Fight

Shay Walsh is set to take on Andrew Fisher for the Featherweight championship at OMMAC 17 on June 1. Love2Fight caught up with Shay to talk about the title fight

Hi Shay, thanks for taking the time to speak to Love2Fight! First of all, congrats on your win at OMMAC 16 – are you happy with the win?

Thank you, I am happy that I got the win but I wasnt happy with my performance. I felt sloppy in there and felt I didnt perform to my ability.

Your next fight will be at OMMAC 17 for the British Featherweight title, are you excited for this one?

Of course, I get excited for every fight. I have another tough opponent and a tittle is up for grabs so perhaps I’m even more excited than usual.

How does it feel to be in a title fight?

There are hundreds of tittles floating around the UK MMA scene, the OMMAC tittle is one of about 3 or 4 that actually means you derserve to be known as a ‘British champion’ so im very excited to fight for it.

Have you taken a different approach to training because this bout will be for a title?

No nothing different, a lot of hard work as usual.

Would you say your training is going well?

It’s going great so far and I have a couple of things lined up over the next couple of weeks to help me get even more prepared.

Andrew Fisher will be your opponent for this fight, do you know much about him?

Andrew is another tough test, he has been around for a long time, mostly fought at lightweight, is well rounded and his only losses are to legit guys. I’m looking forward to testing my skills against him.

Two-thirds of Fisher’s wins have come by submission, will you try and keep this contest standing?

No doubt Andrew has good submission skills but this is MMA, we will both be training in all the areas involved and we will just have to see how the fight plays out.

Do you think this fight will go to the judges?

I hope not, this was another reason I was disappointed with my last win. I felt like I didnt do enough to try and finish the fight.

Thanks for the interview and good luck for the fight! Do you have anybody you’d like to thank?

I’d like to thank everyone at Lancaster and Morecambe MMA, Barrie at extreme strength and conditioning and my sponsors DK Warehouse, Freedom Mobility, Bridges & Co. financial advisors, fit n fix builders, MG Rover solutions and Prestige male grooming.


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