“I’d fight every other week if I could” – Raz Boast talks ahead of OMMAC 17

Raz Boast is a fighter out of Evolution gym in Accrington with a 2-3 record. He also recently took silver at a BJJ grappling competition. Raz takes on Mark Ryder at OMMAC 17 on June 1, he told Love2Fight his thoughts

Hi Raz, thanks for talking to Love2Fight – would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Raz Boast, I’m 24 years old & I fight out of Evolution gym in Accrington.

 You fight Mark Ryder at OMMAC 17, do you know much about your opponent?

Yeah I know a lot about him, I know that he likes to talk a lot and when it comes to fight day I will shut his trap up once and for all. He thinks he can just come out, take me down and submit me. The guy has no chance, he doesn’t dare stand up with me but he doesn’t have to, I’ll beat him anywhere. He will see on the day, hopefully his mouth won’t be too sore from all the crap he’s been talking cause he will need it to hold his gumshield in after I break his jaw. 

How is your training going in preparation for this fight?

Training is going awesome, I’ve spread my training out to a lot of gyms now so I’m getting the best of all training & improving daily! 

Have you tried anything different in your approach to training?

Yeah, I’ve increased my strength & conditioning & cardio through out the week a long with a lot more BJJ classes down at Evolve Manchester. I’ve gone head first into training and this is what I should have done at the start, but you live & learn. 

You are due to fight on a K1 card in Liverpool and then a BJJ grappling tournament – do you feel it is important for fighters to stay as active as possible to keep all of their skills fresh?

Yeah of course it is, like everything else but especially if its something you love to do, then why stop doing it? I would fight every other week if I could. 

With that in mind, what do you feel is the strongest part of your game?

My strongest part is still my striking, I’m forever improving everywhere but my striking is getting a lot better now, I’m doing a lot more boxing and muay thai along with my kickboxing but my ground game has improved tremendously and I can’t wait to compete in my first BJJ comp to win my first medal! Which I will on Sunday straight after my K1 fight.

How does it feel to be fighting on a promotion as big as OMMAC?

It’s awesome, I’ve had a little time off and its great to have something so big to look forward to & make me work that much harder. 

Your last MMA fight was a loss at UCFC 4 – can you get back to winning ways here?

Hell yeah! I’m glad I lost, it made me mature faster into the sport & now I’m training harder than ever and I know exactly what I need to do and what I want to gain out of this. If you don’t learn from a loss then you don’t belong in such a competitive sport. I love this sport & its time to start winning again and make all my hard work pay off. 

Thanks again for the interview, do you have anybody you’d like to thank?

Its been a pleasure and thank you for your time, I would like to thank my manager John Bolton from B-MMA Fighter Management for the work he’s been putting into me in such short time. I would like to thank my head coach Ian (Ebo) Longson, all the guys at Evolve Manchester, Tysons Fitness Factory, Adam Machaj my strength & conditioning coach & everyone else that has supported me and helped me get where I am today. 

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