Jamie Rogers talks ahead of Cage Warriors 54

Jamie Rogers is a 32 year old mixed martial artist from Wales fighting out of Dogs Of War with a record of 8-6. Outside of MMA he is an orthopaedic footwear technician, a big family man, loves his dog and eats lots of cheesecake. Cake aside though; he’s got business to attend to on May 4th in the form of a big fight on Cage Warriors 54 in his back yard at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. He takes on Brad Wheeler who is fresh off a great win, but that doesn’t faze Jamie in the slightest. We caught up with Jamie ahead of the fight to get a few words…
You train out of Dogs Of War, what’s it like training down there with all those guys?
Dogs Of War are a small club but one of the oldest in South Wales run by Sam John, we’re not a massive club in terms of fighters but we’re like family and I wouldn’t change it!
You are taking on Brad Wheeler at Cage Warriors 54 in Wales, do you know much about him?
Brad Wheeler, first and foremost, is a fighter, he’s as tough as they come and he’s got a tight ground game!
The fight is taking place on a Cage Warriors card, you have fought on there before dropping a loss to, now champion, Cathal Pendred, how much are you looking forward to getting a win on the show in front of your home crowd?
It’s an honour to fight on a Cage Warriors card and in my home town too, I’m buzzing for this, I’ll be looking to get the W no matter what!
How do you think you match up with Brad, being that you are both well versed in all areas?
I think me and Brad match up excellently which is testament to Mr Deans matchmaking, I know Brad’s gonna bring his game, so when I step in on the night and show what I know I can do in a fight, the fans will be in for a cracker!
Wheeler is coming into this on the up, with a big win over Merv Mulholland, you are coming off back to back defeats, does that ignite a fire inside of you that you need to get back into the win column?
I think our records show if we’re both on point, we’re capable of beating anyone, that was a big win for Brad but to be honest, I weren’t surprised. As for myself, there’s a big fire inside me and I’m looking for that win!
How has training been going so far for the fight, anything specific?
My training has been great for this fight! I’ve been mixing it up in other gyms as well as Dogs Of War, everything is on point and I’ve never felt better!
You say you’ve been mixing it up in other gyms, what differences has there been?
The only thing different is mixing it up with other guys from different clubs including high level wrestlers!
In your last 2 fights, you lost to Marc Allen and Stapes, what did you take from those losses?
I take everything from a loss and nothing from a win! In that, I mean I learn more! You make a mistake or hold back against top guys and they’ll make you pay!
Obviously you put a lot of time into the training then those fights ended how they did, are you hoping for a different kind of fight to satisfy your fans this time?
After my last fight I retired, things just weren’t right, but my retirement lasted a day (laughs) I know what I’m capable of so no holding back in the future, I’m gonna give it all for myself and my fans!
What are your goals within the sport, on the whole?
My goals in this sport are to be doing what I’m doing right now, fighting on shows like Cage Warriors! It’s an honour and without the sport I wouldn’t know or ever have met the guys I know through MMA… and I’d probably never get to fight Brad either (laughs).
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
I fight cause I love the sport and nothing else. I have no sponsors, I fund everything myself, I’m in this for the love of the game and competition! My motivation is simple; without goals and aspirations you’ve got nothing, so whether it’s Cage Warriors, UFC or Savage Fight Night at Tondu Cricket Club, I set my goal and get to it.
Thanks for your time mate and good luck on May 4th, are there any people you would like to thank?
I’d like to thank Cage Warriors and Brad for the fight, also big thank you to my family for putting up with my shit, my work mates, all my Dogs Of War family, Phoenix Gym and Savage Nutrition, also the guys from other clubs for the extra grind! Thank you.

PHOTO BY: Huw Fairclough | Short & R0und


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