Joe ‘Orrible’ Orrey ahead of Cage Warriors 54 bout vs Davey Grant

Joe ‘Orrible’ Orrey is a 26 year old mixed martial artist from Wales who holds a professional record of 7-6. He fights out of Tillery Combat under the tutelage of Richard Shore and on May 4th he gets his chance to shine when he debuts at Cage Warriors 54 on home turf in Cardiff, Wales against Davey Grant. We caught up with Orrey ahead of the fight to see how he’s feeling in the lead up!

You train out of Tillery Combat what’s it like training down there with all those guys?
It’s awesome, we’ve got so many top level fighters on the mats every night of week so even with the new lads through the door within 3 months the level at the club is so high it will have them rolling hard with the higher level lads, there’s really not an easy roll at our gym! We’ve got a great coach in Richard ‘Shaky’ Shore and everyone helps bring each other on and works hard, mixed martial arts is definitely a team sport as far as I’m concerned. At Tillery Combat, I feel, we are one of the strongest teams in the UK.
You are taking on Davey Grant at Cage Warriors 54 in Wales, do you know much about him?
He’s got a big name on UK scene; he’s held belts on some of the biggest promotions and is on an 8 fight win streak, so he’s no joke. Most of his wins are by submission so I guess his jits is slick, but the level I’m fighting at now, we all train every aspect of the game, so I’ll be ready for wherever the fight ends up. He’s ranked 11th in the UK and I’ve dropped to 21, so it’s a huge opportunity of a major scalp for me.
The fight is taking place on a Cage Warriors card, you haven’t fought on there before, how much are you looking forward to getting a taste of the big show which many of your team mates are on?
I really can’t wait, Cage Warriors is the best show in Europe by a mile and I really want to make my mark on it. I remember watching the show last time it came to Cardiff and being so jealous of everyone fighting on such a slick show in our backyard, so I’m glad to be the other side of the fence this time!
How do you think you match up with Davey, being that you both love a submission?!
I think we match up well, from what I’ve read on sites and forums, a lot of people are writing me off as I’ve lost 6 fights by submission. I want to thank them for fuelling my fire! The reality is I’ve won 6 of my last 8 fights by submissions, TKO and a KO and a lot of my losses are from when I was starting out and fighting at 66kg-70kg, I’m a different fighter since Shaky took control and I joined Tillery Combat and I’m going to contınue to show that come May 4th!
Davey is coming into this as an 8-1 fighter, people looking at him as a prospect etc, does that throw you in any way? Or is it just business as usual?
Not at all, it excites me! If I was in this sport just to look tough in my local town I’d of quit after a couple of wins, lived off that and left it there (laughs), I’m in this to test myself and to feed my love for competing in this sport, so the bigger the challenge the better, I’ve yet to turn down a fight and while the big fights are on offer, I’m going to grab them with both hands!
How has training been going so far for the fight, anything specific?
Not really to be honest, at Tillery we train all aspects of the sport and in what’s probably the most unpredictable game out there we just train hard 6 days a week and make sure we are as prepared as we can be for whatever our opponent brings through the cage door!
In your last fight on Pain Pit, you lost to fellow Welshman Brett Johns, who is also on the CW card, what did you take from that loss?
I think maybe I rushed the fight a little and looked too much for the finish, but there’s really no excuses my end, I think me and Brett are very evenly matched and whoever made the first major mistake would pay for it, I rushed the ground and pound and got caught, he was the better man on the night and deserved the win! I’m back stronger and more determined for it, so I don’t dwell on it.
I spoke to you briefly about this, but for the sake of the readers; I noticed that you and Brett were extremely respectful before, during and after your fight, so what’s your view on trash-talkers?
I have always got on with Brett, he’s got a great attitude and is always humble and a gent, his coach; Chris Rees is also a great guy who I’ve trained with in the past and Chris and Shaky are close friends so it was good to show everyone that this is a SPORT to us and that two guys who couldn’t have more respect for each other can go out there, put on a show, fight hard and hug before and after. As far as trash talking goes, I guess there can be a time and a place but chances are if you’re not Chael Sonnen then you’re just talking crap because your performances aren’t exciting enough to get attention the right way!
Obviously you put a lot of time into the training then it ended how it did, are you hoping for a different kind of fight to satisfy your fans this time?
Yeah of course, I was heartbroken losing for the belt but it’s not all about fight records for me, I’m a martial artist 1st and a fighter 2nd, it’s about self-achievement and how far I’ve come on my own lıttle journey in martial arts as a whole, that said come fight time I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t all about the winning, so yes I’m coming to fight and coming to win.
What are your goals within the sport, on the whole?
I try to set my goals one thing slightly out of reach at a time, couple of years ago it was to turn my record around, then it was to get in the UK bantamweight rankings, this year I said I wanted to hold a belt on a good level UK show, that said I’d take signing a contract with Cage Warriors over that (laughs)!
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
I fight to challenge myself, and to be part of what I think is the best sport on the planet, I live and breathe mixed martial arts… unfortunately to potential girlfriends, family members and anyone wanting to get a conversation about anything else out of me (laughs)!
Thanks for your time mate and good luck on May 4th, are there any people you would like to thank?
I’d like to thank my nutrition sponsors at Gladiator and Aphrodite for keeping me in protein and supplements, my friends and soon to be new bosses hopefully (laughs), Dion Hunter and Jack Williams at DH Solutions for sponsoring me for my Safe MMA medical and helping me out with fuel and anything car related! All the lads at the gym for being part of the best team any fighter could ask for and most of all Richard ‘Shaky’ Shore for being best coach and mentor a young and dumb fighter could ask for!

PHOTO: Huw Fairclough | Short & R0und

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