Denniston Sutherland becomes Champion once again | UCMMA 33 Review + Results

UCMMA’s new theme tune finally got an event that satisfies the lyrics because last night, it truly did ‘go off in the cage’. Their 33rd show, held at the Troxy in London, saw 3 titles being contested, after the featherweight title bout was made a non-title bout due to missed weight. In the main event, Denniston Sutherland challenged for Ben Callum’s middleweight title, whilst the co-main saw Spencer Hewitt challenge for Cory Tait’s bantamweight crown in what was a rematch from last year when Hewitt KO’d Tait. Also on the card was Jamaine Facey taking on former student; Jordan Wright for the lightweight title UK1 title.

Ben Callum Vs Denniston Sutherland – Middleweight title
The first round Callum was strong, as everyone knew he would be, throwing punches in bunches and having Denniston backing up to the cage. Although when on the cage, Denniston’s experience played a role with his ability to grind Callum which caused a cut above Callum’s eye.
The second, there was the same amount of aggression with the strikes from Callum for the first 2 or so minutes but then he seemed to fade a little. Callum got a takedown, but Denniston tied it up forcing a stalemate and they were stood up. Sensing Callum fading, Sutherland began to push forward more often and getting the on-cage position to grind Callum down with dirty boxing.
The third round, Sutherland took control, having Callum’s back on the cage for the most part dirty boxing once again, throwing the body shots and sneaky uppercuts. He got a trip takedown at one stage and moved into mount, but Callum’s team-mates guided him through the defence and he got stood back up. Sutherland was on his like a rash, though, and never gave Callum time to rest.
Denniston Sutherland def. Ben Callum via Split Decision
Cory Tait Vs Spencer Hewitt – Bantamweight title
The fight was fairly close with both participants landing blows. Spencer was pushing forward more, looking for takedowns as well as the overhand right which landed last time, but to no avail. Tait’s head movement was working and he wasn’t getting hit. On a few occasions, Hewitt caught kicks of Tait’s but couldn’t punish Tait with the counters. There was a lot of wrestling up against the cage when Tait stepped back and fired a combo finishing with a left hook which caught Hewitt clean on the chin.
Cory Tait def. Spencer Hewitt via KO 4.01 Round 1
Ashleigh Grimshaw Vs Dave Lee
Lee managed to trip Grimshaw with consummate ease and move to mount, however Grimshaw managed to get to his feet really quickly with no trouble or damage taken. Lee threw a kick to which Grimshaw replied with a great counter punch which knocked Lee to the canvas. Grimshaw gave the ref ample opportunity to stop the contest, but he didn’t jump in, so he followed up with 2 more strikes.
Ashleigh Grimshaw def. David Lee via KO 1.27 Round 1
Jamaine Facey Vs Jordan Wright – Lightweight UK1 title
Facey came straight out and landed a head kick just as he did in his last bout. After dominating the initial few moments with leg kicks and jabs, Facey was wobbled by a punch of Wright’s and he hit the deck and got an 8 count. Facey had bloodied the nose of Wright, however with the knockdown in Wright’s favour, it was a decent round for both.
In the second, Facey stepped on the gas a little, loading up some knees however forgetting a little about the kicks that were working so well in the first round, which was allowing Jordan to get into range. Facey caught Wright and followed up with a series of hurtful shots forcing an 8-count but he survived the round.
The final round was a war, both fighters putting it on the line in the quest for success. Wright was clearly very bloodied up and I feel the fight should have been stopped after around 90 seconds of the third, however it continued and they went at it. Facey landed a great combo, finishing with a hook which connected perfectly to Jordan’s chin sending him crashing to the floor.
Facey’s emotions got the better of him as he stood over the unconscious Wright, which caused a little bit of uproar.
Jamaine Facey def. Jordan Wright via KO 2.50 Round 3
Other fights:
Carl Kinslow prevailed in a thrilling battle while it lasted against Ben Smith. The win will undoubtedly get him a place in the UK rankings next month as he TKO’s a ranked opponent.
Danny Lawson ground out a smooth submission win against Mike Wood.
Bill Beaumont launched a perfect knee to the rib of Andy Cona stopping him in the first and beginning his pro career in emphatic fashion.
Curtis Widmer TKO’d Joe Cooper in the 3rd after Cooper gassed in the first. The bigger gas tank helped Widmer dominate although Cooper showed some boxing skills in the first.
Ion Pascu dropped Matt Robinson early and followed up with strikes to finish.
Lukasz Klinger dominated Jay Oliver on the ground, and forced him to tap due to strikes.
Pat Hill defeated a tough, but smaller, opponent in Jakub Wegrezcki in a semi pro fight.
Grace Spicer defeated Charlotte Andrews in a 3 round K1 war which done female combat sports proud.
Full Results:
Middleweight title fight
Denniston Sutherland def. Ben Callum via Split Decision
Bantamweight title fight
Cory Tait def. Spencer Hewitt via KO 4.01 Round 1
Ashleigh Grimshaw def. David Lee via KO 1.27 Round 1
Lightweight UK1 title fight
Jamaine Facey def. Jordan Wright via KO 2.50 Round 3
Carl Kinslow def. Ben Smith via TKO (strikes) 3.04 Round 1
Danny Lawson def. Mike Wood via submission (RNC) 2.47 Round 2
Bill Beaumont def. Andy Cona via TKO (GNP) 1.20 Round 1
Curtis Widmer def. Joe Cooper via TKO 4.17 Round 3
Ion Pascu def. Matt Robinson via KO 2.20 Round 1
Lukasz Klinger def. Jay Oliver via Submission (strikes) 1.39 Round 1
Semi-Pro/Unified Amateur
Pat Hill def. Jakub Wegrezcki via Unanimous Decision
Grace Spicer def. Charlotte Andrews via Unanimous Decision

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