“I’m a handsome hunk of a man so they feel threatened by me.” – Nathan Court on how he became a fighter

Nathan Court isn’t your everyday fighter. As well as being a professional with a 3-2 record, he is the editor for The Fight Lounge. I spoke to Nathan about why he fights, how he balances his commitments and his opinion on MMA journalism.

Hi Nathan, thanks for taking the time to talk to Love2Fight – would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Nathan Court, I’m 23 and as well as being a professional fighter I am editor for The Fight Lounge.

What was the main reason you started fighting?

I’ve just always been involved in fights. I have one of those faces that people like to punch so have always had to be able to fight. I think it’s mainly because I’m a handsome hunk of a man so they feel threatened by me. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

What is it like being a fighter and a writer? (No rhyme intended!) Is it difficult to balance your training and writing for The Fight Lounge?

Yeah it can be hard at times. It has its perks however and I love writing, especially when I’m cutting weight as it gives me something to focus on. Also when I’m doing things like interviews, fight reports etc. it gives me a little more insight to things I feel as I know what they are going through or have been through both during their camps and in fights.

Does writing about MMA serve as a distraction from fighting or are you equally as focused on both?

Equally focused on both. If anything it can benefit me as a fighter. There have been times when I have travelled to a fighter’s gym and as well as doing the interview I have joined in or observed their session and picked up something new which I might not have known otherwise. My favourite interviews I have done however have saw me being treated to a feast by the fighter/coach I was doing the interview with.

Was it training and fighting that made you want to write about MMA or was it the other way around?

To be honest it all sort of happened by accident. I am a huge MMA geek and used to spend my time on the internet either watching porn or searching for the latest breaking news as I liked to know what was happening in the MMA world. If I found something I used to share it on the forums.

A short time after my pro debut against Leeroy I got a message on Facebook from Mike Clarke asking for my phone number and he rang me and asked if I’d like to get into writing. I failed English in school so wasn’t too confident but I liked the sound of it (to this day I say I would have passed English if they taught interesting stuff rather than shit no one will ever use like Romeo and Juliet) so I gave it a go.

I seemed to pick up how to write articles pretty quickly and before long I was knocking out stuff for fun. From there I have been given other responsibilities such as helping create the new site which we launched last August and most recently being made editor.

A lot of fighters criticise journalists for not realising how hard it can be to fight – what would you say about this?

I share this sentiment myself. My one pet hate in the sport is ‘fighter bashing’. Especially when it is done by someone who would curl up in a ball and cry at the prospect of being in a fight. One of the things you see a lot of, especially in UKMMA, is people criticising fighters and slagging fighters off for bullshit reasons in order to give themselves a little ego boost or to lick the arse of someone else who would curl up in a ball and cry if a fight was ever brought to them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but a lot over step the mark.
A lot of people who slag fighters off forget that without fighters, there would be no sport of MMA and they would have no part in the sport at all.

How is training going at the minute?

Not very well. I’m injured at present so the only training I can do is running. I’ve had a dodgy wrist for years from when I used to play football as a keeper and it went completely shortly after my last fight. I’ve been working with a physio and have been referred to get an MRI scan done to see how severe it is and what can be done to fix it.

For the reasons given above, I don’t have any upcoming fights. That said however, I’m in constant talks with my management and we have discussed potential opponents for when I’m healthy again and there are also a few fights which I’d like so hopefully when I’m cleared to resume training I can work towards making some of these fights a reality.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for taking the time to interview me. I’d like to thank my management at TFL Sports Agency and my sponsors at Bad Boy, JY Nutrition, Funky Gums Mouth Guards and Cap n Tap Snapbacks. I’m always looking for more sponsorship and rep my sponsors well.
Also if people could give me a follow on twitter that would be great @nathancourt. I am the self-proclaimed funniest man on twitter so you will get a few laughs (unless you are easily offended that is).

Photo credit: MADE4THECAGE


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