Jamaine ‘Mr Pain’ Facey ahead of UCMMA 33 showdown

Jamaine Facey is a 36 year old mixed martial artist and now UK1 fighter who is as entertaining in the cage as they come. He fights out of Bandogs MMA holding a professional MMA record of 9-8. On April 6th, he makes his UK1 debut at UCMMA for their Lightweight title as he takes on former student of his, Jordan Wright, in a match-up people are going crazy about. With both guys coming off of highlight reel worthy KO wins, the people cannot wait to see these guys throw down at UCMMA 33. We caught up with ‘Mr Pain’ in a rare interview ahead of the showdown to see how his camp has been going.

You train at Bandogs MMA, what’s it like training there?
Bandogs is my home, I love training and coaching there, the intensity of training, the comradery with my teammates, I go into the gym every day with a smile on my face and feeling lucky to be blessed to do the sport that I love, in the club that I love.
You are taking on Jordan Wright at UCMMA 33, and there’s a bit of background, can you tell us about that?
Jordan used to train at Bandogs
Does it feel weird in any way that you are going to now fight a former student?
There is no problem between Jordan and I, it’s a fight and I am a professional who isn’t afraid to fight anybody. Once the 1st bell goes I’ll go into Mr Pain mode and that is a whole lot different to how I spar, I spar nice, I fight vicious.
How do you think you match up with him?
I don’t look at how I match up with him. This fight is about me, I know my abilities and I know if I perform to my potential, I win; there is no need to over-think it.
How has training been going so far?
Training has been great, 3 times a day; my life has revolved around my training. My conditioning is the best it has ever been, my sharpness is as sharp as ever. The fight is 3 rounds of 3 minutes, that won’t be a problem; I’ve been sparring 9 rounds of 3 minutes with only 30 second breaks against different partners. I’ve been out road-running every day, even in the horrible weather we have had. My strength and conditioning coach Alvaro has told me this is the best I’ve ever looked.
Have you been trying anything different for this camp?
I’m open-minded and in training I’m willing to try anything and listen to different views and advise and implement them in my training. It’s always good to mix things up in training, to keep it fresh and fun and make the body work different. If you want to know what I do then you need to come to Bandogs MMA and join in the fun!
You recently dropped to lightweight, proved to yourself that you can make the weight, what caused the drop and are you there to stay?
The cut to 70kg has been easy, I’ve been eating right, eating smart, I haven’t lost any strength at 70kg and a company called latecut.com helped me, all I can say about them is if you need to cut weight, contact them! I won’t say I’m here to stay, I will never rule out anything, that would be foolish, all I will say is cutting to 70kg is easy for me.
I asked you before this fight was announced whether you’d dabble in UK1, and you said it wasn’t really your cup of tea, what changed your mind?
I also said I’d never rule anything out, when I got the opportunity to fight for the lightweight UK1 belt, well… when you get a title shot you take it, I want as many titles as possible.
What can we expect from you in 2013?
You can expect me to win the UK1 lightweight belt, then the lightweight MMA belt, more highlight reel KO’s, more action, more enjoyment for the fans, I fight for the fans and the fans are going to get their monies worth from me in 2013.
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
I love mixed martial arts and I am a competitor, I love training but as a competitor I want to test myself against the best and think that is what helps me to maximise my potential and become the best I can be.
Thanks for your time mate, any people to thank?
I want to thank everybody at Bandogs MMA, everybody who has helped me for my training camp, my main sponsors MMA HOLIDAYS who I go to Thailand with the week after my fight for a Muay Thai training holiday, check out mmaholidays.co.uk – Also want to thank my other sponsors; Late Cut, FunkyGums.com, ImpactLPA.com, Cutting Edge Sports Nutrition and Body Armour UK and my Management team at Mogul Management. Also please, please help and support my foundation “Hands Up, Guns Down” which is taking people from the streets and helping them turn around their lives through MMA.

PHOTO BY: HELEN PARISH | http://www.helsbels.net


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