Enfusion LIVE – Full Report + Results

March 30th, London, England – Enfusion LIVE came to London last night with a solid card of top domestic Muay Thai talent, fighting under the Enfusion K-1 style rule set. Out of 12 fights featuring UK talent, we went 8-4, so it was a fairly good day for the UK fighters with many taking on international competition. We were lucky enough to be there to report back with what happened, as always, this is one persons view.

enfusion live

Michael Wakeling Vs Pajonsuk Super-Pro Smaui
Wakeling the bigger man, looked to be in control throwing his hands at will, but Pajonsuk came back with a solid connection to drop Wakeling and leave him reeling. The round ended with Wakeling in trouble.
The third started the same, with Wakeling landing heavy with some boxing combo’s but the thai took it like it’s nothing! Pajonsuk is constantly fighting on the back foot and Wakeling is catching him. round ends with Pajonsuk not happen for some reason and stepping to Wakeling after the round was over.
Wakeling comes out firing with everything he has. He lands some serious shots on the chin of Pajonsuk but nothing seems to be hurting him, other people would be out from those sorts of shots. Wakeling looks like he wants it more, pushing forward with heavy hands. I don’t know how Pajonsuk survived that barrage in all honesty.
THE FIGHT WAS SCORED A DRAW (Assuming that Pajonsuk won the first round 10-8 with the knockdown, and Wakeling won the following two round 10-9, meaning a 28-28 draw) SO IT WENT TO A FOURTH ROUND.
The fight turns in to a brawl! Wakeling just taking punishment to Pajonsuk’s chin like his life depends on it! The Thai doesn’t seem to have much answer and it’s all one-way traffic from Wakeling.
Michael Wakeling def, Pajonsuk Super-Pro Samui via Unanimous Decision
Enfusion LIVE 54kg World Title Fight
Alexis Rufus Vs Iman Barlow
As fairly tentative start to the fight, but when Rufus through a kick, Iman caught it and tripped her. Ever the entertainer, Iman throws a jumping knee, followed by an inside leg kick which cases Rufus some problems. The crowd are getting behind the fighters and they are giving back with a great fight.
In the second the superior clinch of Iman was the difference, dominating in close and digging the knees in. Rufus is tough, always coming forward, though, never giving in to the pressure put on her, and giving back some of her own. Once again Iman throws a jumping knee as the round ends.
The third starts and its back to the clinch with Iman dominating. Rufus seemingly needs to keep away from getting in close otherwise it could be a long night. About half way through the round, Rufus rushes towards Barlow, which is what’s needed more in my opinion. However Rufus responded with a superb knee which forced Iman onto the ropes and she was in trouble. The round ended with Rufus on top with Iman in a little trouble.
This is the kind of fight that proves that possibly all these fights should be 5 rounds, as it would be a little inconclusive if it was only 3 rounds. Iman doesn’t seem the same as in round 1, as Rufus chugs through the gears, stepping up the pace. Throwing combo’s with the hands, Rufus looks to be the one with more in her tank.
The fifth was much more of the same. Iman having good clinch skills whilst Rufus was pushing forward with combos. I think both fighters knew that this round was crucial and put it all on the line. With Rufus working a lot harder and Barlow throwing less often but more effectively, this one is hard to call!
Iman Barlow def. Alexis Rufus via Unanimous Decision
Jason Woodham Vs Mirkko Moisar
Woodham looked dominant from the outset, dropping Moisar fairly early with a knee. From then on it was pure punishment from Woodham, landing knees in the clinch at will. Very one sided first round.
In the second round, it seemed like more of the same, BUT Moisar turned it around when he landed a super-sonic body shot to drop Woodham to the canvas. Woodham got back to his feet but Moisar finished him off with an overhand right.
Mirkko Moisar def. Jason Woodham via KO 2.07 round 2
Andrew Tate Vs Marino Scouten
Tate comes out throwing some side-kicks. Scouten is the one, surprisingly showing off his boxing, as we expected tate to be the big puncher. As the round went on, Tate began to show his boxing skills with a great body shot. Scouten came back with a great right head kick which caught Tate, Scouten moved in for the kill, and jumped on Tate with some solid strikes, but the round came to an end.
In the second round Tate began to take control, displaying why his boxing is known on the circuit. There was a little clinch in this round, but nothing major happened. It was a fairly even round, with not much happening.
The round started and Scouten looked the aggressor, he was moving forward, throwing strong knees in the clinch and even caught Tate with a solid left hook. Tate grew as the round went on too, landing a solid 3 punch combo followed by a front kick. Another left hook landed by Scouten but as they clinch Tate lands a solid body shot.
Andrew Tate def. Marino Scouten via Unanimous Decision
Amanda Kelly Vs Fatima Adib
In the early stages Adib looked the stronger of the two, with good kicks, however as the round went on, Kelly’s superior clinch work and head kicks came in force.
Kelly walking forward looking the dominant fighter with Adib on the ropes for the most [part. However Adib was hanging in there. Adib is very leg-heavy and seems to prefer kicks over punches, but it seems to be a matter of time before Kelly up the game.
Kelly lands a nice double jab which has Adib in trouble, also follows up with a double kick. The clinch is where the action is in this fight with Kelly’s World Muay Thai Champion credentials giving her the edge in that department. At a few points in the fight Kelly lands knees from the clinch to the head of Adib but they don’t land flush.
Amanda Kelly def. Fatima Adib via unanimous decision
Kaeng Super-Pro Samui Vs James Snelling
With over 60 fights compared to Snelling’s 12, Kaeng looked confident, but the much taller Snelling used his range well. Quite a bit of clinch in the first round and at one point Snelling had his man down, albeit a misbalance from a kick to the side.
In the second it seemed that both wanted to escape the ring! times within the first minute of the round, the fighters were hanging out of the ring due to clinch work. Snelling was pushing forward whilst Kaeng was on the back foot. Snelling trying to brawl with Kaeng, and at the moment it’s working, however Kaeng looks solid still.
Snelling comes out firing with all guns blazing! But Kaeng puts him on his back with two quick leg catch-throw combo’s. Snelling realises that the fight is close and is over-committing slightly, leaving himself open to counters from the experienced Kaeng. Once again, a lot of clinch and the fighters almost fall out of the ring because of how come-forward Snelling was fighting. A very close fight.
Kaeng Super-Pro Samui def. James Snelling Majority Decision
ICO European Title Fight
Salah Abdelsalm Vs Meletis Kakaoubavas
Salah looks to be the beast that his nickname suggests, as he comes out dominating the fight and goading Meletis into making mistakes. For the first half of the round, Salah dominates quite clearly, however in the later stages; Meletis begins to catch Salah a little as Salah leaves his hands low.
There was more of the same in the second, with Salah dominating and goading Meletis into making mistakes. However Meletis did catch Salah with a good jab which bloodied his nose. Highlight of the round, was Salah dropping Meletis with a right hand after catching his kick.
Salah began the round in dominating fashion once again, pleasing the crowd with some showboating. However Meletis caught Salah with a big right hook that sent him whirling, on unsteady legs and Meletis swarmed on him; unable to finish though.
Meletis showed in this round his superior boxing, landing at will with Salah holding his hands extremely low. Meletis knocked Salah down 3 times, the final one being in brutal fashion, leaving Salah unable to stand.
Meletis Kakiubavas def. Salah Abdelsalm. 2.46 round 4 KO
Markko Moisar Vs Rittijack Kaewsamrit
From the outset we could see that Kaewsamrit was far superior in skill level, and after a few minutes he landed a perfect knee to the chest to end the fight.
Rittijack Kaewsamrit def. Markko Moisar via KO 1.44 round 1
Kyle Helleur Vs Wayne Fisher
Helleur looks to be in control of this fight, throwing Fisher with ease whenever they come close.
There were many combos thrown in the second round, with Helleur just edging it.
In the third, Kyle looked to be the fighter with the better cardio and carried on pushing forward and throwing his opponent.
Kyle Helleur def. Wayne Fisher Unanimous decision
Charlie Peters Vs Orudous Slickious (sp?)
From the outset Peters was on Slickious like a rash giving him now space. Not much to say about this fight as it was a very one sided affair, a brutal punishing from Peters for the KO win.
Charlie Peter def. Orudous Slikcious via KO 2.50 round 1
Daniel Terry Vs Ricky Sewell
Both fighters come out and in true thai style, they trade blows, one-for-one. Terry appeared to be the more physically stronger of the two, but Sewell’s knees won him the round in my opinion. He was landing them at will, finding opening for the second half of the round.
The combo’s coming from Sewell whereas the single attacks from Terry. However as the round goes on, Terry looks to be the more conditioned man, as Sewell takes his foot off the gas.
After the both traded blows once again, Terry landed a nice hook which made Sewell smile. Both guys have strong legs throwing powerful kicks. Sewell loads up a left kick, but doubles it up with an inside leg, head-kick combo, but terry replied with a spinning hook kick. Sewell still having luck with the walking through knees too. Very close round.
Daniel terry def. Ricky Sewell Decision
Kevin Ward Vs Peter Irving
For the most part of the first round, Ward kept the fight at range and stuck to his game plan. He was punishing the body of Irving with knees, but Irving continuously walked forward looking for something.
In the second, Pete Irving started to come into the fight, landing some leg kicks and trapping Ward in the corner. Ward was still working off his back foot but wasn’t active as in the first.
A very close third round, with Irving walking forward looking like he needed the knockout. For the most part of the round, Irving was on the front foot, but in that late stages of it, Ward through a solid knee to the chin of Irving which looked to unstable him.
Kevin Ward def. Peter Irving Via Unanimous Decision
Kevin Renno Vs Rickie Hamillton
The fighters came out and instantly Renno dropped Hamilton with a right hook. Hamilton recovered and the fighters went to war after that with Renno getting the upper-hand, attempting a flying knee and followed up with an overhand right which connected.
Kevin Renno def. Rickie Hamilton via KO 1.47 round 1
Jake Barton Vs Luke Whelan
Jake looking to be the boxer of the pair, with Luke throwing early leg kicks. Jake gets two throws off which is heavy scoring, as well as a head kick. Jake pushes Luke back with a boxing combo, but Luke comes back with his own. As the round went on Jake looked to be taking control, but Luke landed a heavy body shot which dropped Jake to the canvas. He made it up before the 10 count, and came back with a combo; however Luke dropped him again with the same shot whereby Jake was saved by the bell.
Jake looks gassed after the two body shots in the first, however he is resilient. Luke is relentless, throwing a knee to the head knocking Jake down once again. When Jake returned to his feat once more, Luke dropped Jake with a left to the body once again.
Luke Whelan def. Jake Barton via TKO round 2
OFFICIAL Enfusion LIVE Fighter of the Night: Iman Barlow
LOVE 2 FIGHT Awards:
Fighter of the Night: Mirkko Moisar
Fight of the Night: Salah Abdelsalm Vs Meletis Kakaoubavas
Knockout of the Night: Meletis kakaoubavas
Full Results:
Main Card
Michael Wakeling def, Pajonsuk Super-Pro Samui via Unanimous Decision
Enfusion LIVE 54kg Ladies World title Fight
Iman Barlow def. Alexis Rufus via Unanimous Decision
Mirkko Moisar def. Jason Woodham via KO 2.07 round 2
Andrew Tate def. Marino Scouten via Unanimous Decision
Amanda Kelly def. Fatima Adib via unanimous decision
Kaeng Super-Pro Samui def. James Snelling via Majority Decision
Rookies Card:
ICO European Title Fight
Meletis Kakiubavas def. Salah Abdelsalm via KO 2.46 round 4
Rittijack Kaewsamrit def. Markko Moisar via KO 1.44 round 1
Kyle Helleur def. Wayne Fisher via Unanimous decision
Charlie Peter def. Orudous Slikcious via KO 2.50 round 1
Daniel terry def. Ricky Sewell via Decision
Kevin Ward def. Peter Irving Via Unanimous Decision
Kevin Renno def. Rickie Hamilton via KO 1.47 round 1
Luke Whelan def. Jake Barton via TKO round 2


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