Richard ‘The Myth’ Griffin on his Cage Warriors debut and What’s next

Richard Griffin is a 34 year old mixed martial artist from London. He has a professional record of 5-9 on Sherdog, however this does not include his 2 wins over Sam Boo and Scott Rogan which would have taken him to 7-9. He trains out of Pound For Pound MMA and recently defeated tough and seasoned Shah Hussain on the undercard of Cage Warriors 52. We caught up with him to see how things are going, what his thought are on the fight and who’s next…

You train at Pound For Pound Gym, what’s it like training there with those guys?
Training at Pound For Pound MMA is great, it’s like a family, everyone helps everyone, the coaches listen, if anything is missing in your training they go looking for it, good sparring partners in house, a lot of people from other clubs drop in from time to time as well. Equipment wise, everything is under the one roof.
Where did the name ‘The Myth’ come from?
Where the name ‘The Myth’ come from is hard to pin-point, but it started with a conversion I was having with my son about our family name. I was explaining that a Griffin is a mythological creature and its origins and how myths become legends… that’s kind of how it started.
In your last fight you took on Shah Hussain on Cage Warriors 52 and won via rear naked choke in the first round. How would you assess your performance?
My last fight against Shah Hussain was good; it was my first time fighting at that weight (lightweight) so there was alot of pressure on me coming down from welterweight to do well. Watching back for the first time, it was different to what I remembered, you always look back and see missed opportunities to finish a fight sooner, the only thing I was really surprised about was my lack of striking.
That was your first time on Cage Warriors, how was the experience?
Cage Warriors was a great show to fight on, I found it to be well ran and hope to appear on one of their shows in the near future.
Before the CW fight, you fought Paul Kelly on UCMMA, where you lost by guillotine in round 2. What did you learn from the loss?
The Paul Kelly fight was an eye opener, I watched through a few of his fights and thought that we would have a stand up war, so that’s what I prepared and trained for, getting in the right sparring partners and the fight was completely different, I never expected him to attempt a take down. Paul Kelly is a world class fighter and for him to choose not to stand up with me gave me more confidence even though I lost.
That fight had a little bit of background, with you disagreeing with each other in some way over the internet, can you tell us about that?
Yeah, there was a bit of banter before the fight with Paul but that’s all it was, I have the utmost respect for him and what he has accomplished, after the fight we talked and he’s a nice guy.
You have literally fought the who’s who in UKMMA, is there anyone who is on your radar at the moment?
We were in talks with Fury to fight on their June card against Nigel Whitear for his lightweight title, but they said no… now I’m not sure why, but I was previously supposed to fight him back in 2008 when we were both welterweights and he bailed last minute, still got the poster to prove it… not saying anything, I’m just putting it out there.
Why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
I have asked myself that question a thousand times and I still haven’t found the answer! I guess I want to keep improving myself physically and mentally; and training with a goal keeps me focused. My family are really supportive and I hope it shows my son that with hard work and determination he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.
Thanks for your time Richard, are there any people you’d like to thank?
I’d like to thank my family, my Pound For Pound brothers, my sponsors; Farabi Fightgear & MMA Holidays as well as everyone that has ever taught me a martial art in the past.



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