GLORY 5: Review And Results

Glory hit London for their fifth show and boy did it deliver! At the ExCel Arena in the heart of London’s Docklands area, the premier Kickboxing promotion in the world went down! In the main event, Remy Bonjasky took on Tyrone Sprong in what turned out to be a thrilling encounter!

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Tyrone Spong V Remy Bonjasky – HW
Remy wanted the fight at a further range due to his longer limbs and he was achieving that, landing leg kicks and head kicks at will. However as the round went on, Spong started to move in a close the range, landing leg kicks of his own and some sweet body shots.
The second started and Remy showed us his trademark flying knee, however Tyrone didn’t take kindly to it and replied with a great combo of punches finished with a low kick. As Remy threw a head kick, Spong landed a powerful right hand which knocked Remy out cold.
Tyrone Spong Def. Remy Bonjasky via KO 2.02 round 2
Steve Moxon V Jordan Watson – 70kg
Watson was walking forward looking for the timed knee and he found it on many of an occasion, however he had to take a few overhand rights to achieve it. Moxon looked much more of a boxer orientated fighter and was struggling to land on the Leeds man.
In the second, Moxon came out looking to get involved. He went for the leg kick but Watson had a perfectly timed front kick waiting for him. Watson let fly with a flying knee which kept the crowd entertained, not that they needed it with the quality of fight that this was.
In the third round, Watson kept the fight under control, controlling the range of the fight and not allowing Moxon to dictate the range.
Jordan Watson def. Steve Moxon via Decision 147-139
Warren Stevelmans V Albert Kraus NL 70kg
Having success in the closer ranges, Kraus threw some powerful body shots. As the round went on, Stevelmans came into the fight landing some nice combo’s and kicks.
In the second, more of the same from Stevelmans, speedy combo’s with his hands as Kraus looked more tired however still in the fight, still throwing serious body shots.
In the third round Kraus stuck it on Stevelmans with serious combo’s body to head, non stop, just punishing Warren to his core.
Albert Krauss def. Warren Stevelmans via Decision 150-136
Eddie Walker V Stephen Wakeling 85kg
Wakeling seemed the much bigger man and was just blasting the leg kicks. Walker not being able to deal with the power took an 8 count due to leg kicks and was saved by the bell after another flurry of kicks resumed.
In the second round, Walker switched to southpaw to avoid the kicks but Wakeling still found a way to the abused left leg, knocking him down once again. He got up but was chopped down again where he stayed.
Stephen Wakeling def. Eddie Walker via KO (leg kicks) 1.38 round 2
Stephane Susperregui V Danyo Ilunga 95kg
In the first round, it was fairly even until Ilunga began taking control once he landed a great right hand.
In the second round, immediately Ilunga was back on him, and after landing yet another right hand, he followed up with a right knee to the nose of Susperregui which knocked him out and possibly broke his nose.
Danyo Ilunga def. Stephane Susperregui via KO (knee to face) 0.21 round 2
Michael Duut V Dustin Jacoby – 95kg
Jacoby shoing his speed early on with quadruple jabs, however Duut caught him coming in with a right which dropped Jacoby. He followed up by catching a kick and dropping Jacoby again with a right straight. Then when he stood up again he dropped him with a straight right, left hook combo. 3 knock downs and it’s over.
Michael Duut def. Dustin Jacoby via KO (3 knockdown rule) 2.25 round 1
Mosab Amrani V Liam Harrison – 65kg
Started off with Liam showing off his impressive foot work with a fairly even first minute or so, however Amrani came forward with a right hand and followed up with a flurry, landing a sweet left hook to the body which forced Liam to his knees.
Mosab Amrani def. Liam Harrison via KO (body shot) 1.20 Round 1
Daniel Sam V Jaideep Singh – HW
Singh using his range fairly well however Sam using hi slow kick to cause damage. With a minute to go, Sam catches Singh with a hook which wobbles him for an 8 count.
The more heavily muscled athlete in Sam, seemingly getting as little tired, with Singh taking advantage with some one two’s to the body and finishing with a knee. Later on in the round, Sam landed a right which seemed to land, but didn’t trouble Singh half as much as the one in round 1.
With a super-charged right hand from Sam at the start of round 3, that set the scene for the remainder of the round as Sam dominated.
Daniel Sam def. Jaideep Singh via Decision 145-130
Constantin Pasniciuc V Johann Fauveau – 70kg
Fauveau showing some speed early on with powerful kicks and looks to be dominating, however in the second half of the round Pasniciuc comes into his own and begins to come into the fight with a flurry of punches.
More powerful kicks from Fauveau punishing the body of Pasniciuc, but Constantin doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, coming back with a flurry once again.
In the third round, after a fairly even, but explosive first half, Fauveau began to take control with his thunderous kicks. A very impressive display by both fighters and both put on a show with interesting kicks in the final round.
Johann Fauveau def. Constantin Pasnicius via Decision 148-137
Reece McAllister V Tim Thomas – 67kg
The first two round were easily McAllister’s, however in the third round, Tim came out firing, with a great flurry
Reece McAllister def. Tim Thomas via Decision 150-135



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