Che Mills talks new Cage Warriors deal + his future!

Not long after being cut from the UFC, Che Mills ‘landed on his feet’ by signing for Cage Warriors. Now it has been announced he will square off against Irishman Cathal Pendred for the welterweight strap at CW55. Here he talks about his new deal, his future and marijuana…

First of all, congratulations for signing with Cage Warriors – how do you feel about the deal?
It’s been great working with Graham Boylan, the guys at Cage Warriors have such a professional approach. It was a bit of an obvious choice over the offers that I had. I am really excited by the opportunities that Cage Warriors can offer.
What was the main reason you joined Cage Warriors?
The professionalism and the regularity of the shows, they have something like 17 shows this year and can certainly keep me active which is exactly what I want.
How disappointing was it to be cut by the UFC?
Obviously it was disappointing, and the whole experience has been tough, but signing for Cage Warriors has been awesome and I feel that this the perfect move for me and for my career.
Matt Riddle was cut from the UFC as well for failing a drug test. Is it frustrating to lose to a fighter and then find out he fails a drug test?
To be honest I haven’t thought about it, it’s not going to change anything and I have more important things to focus on… the Cage Warriors title for one!
Is testing positive for marijuana in MMA as bad as performance enhancing drugs?
In my opinion no, it’s not as bad, but then again I wouldn’t know. I’ve never tried it and never will. At the end of the day, it’s still illegal….
Has being cut inspired you to prove yourself even more?
Yes! I feel that I have to prove myself all over again… and I will, make no doubt about it. The whole process of being cut and then signing for Cage Warriors has lit a fire inside of me and I feel even more determined and focused. I will be taking the Cage Warriors belt on 1st June.
Some say your deal with Cage Warriors shows you’ve landed on your feet and being cut from the UFC isn’t the end of a fighter’s career – would you agree with that?
For sure. Cage Warriors is a superb promotion and that is why I have signed for them. They have a fantastic set up and I am proud to be a part of it.
If you managed to string together a decent run, maybe win the title, and the UFC came calling and wanted you back, would you go?
Yes, of course and Cage Warriors are proud to be in the position they are, when the next stop for its champions is the UFC. You saw the support that Cage Warriors gave Conor (McGregor) when he signed with the UFC. It’s great.
After winning at Cage Contenders recently, Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley claimed he is the best British pound-for-pound fighter – what do you have to say to that?
…he can say what he wants. I don’t really care to be honest.
I’d like to thank Paul Sutherland my head coach at Trojan Free Fighters, my manager Dan Richards and my sponsors Vita Coco, Sci-MX Nutrition, Glos Pain Relief Clinic, Sport Kitchen and MMA Apparel.

PHOTO CREDIT: Helen Parish |


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