James Pennington Talks Ahead of Cage Warriors 53

James Pennington is set to square off against James Doolan for both fighters’ Cage Warriors debut in Glasgow on April 13. The former Shock ‘N’ Awe bantamweight champion has a habit of finishing fights and feels this one might just go the same way. Here he talks about his opponent, training and his first loss.

You will fight James Doolan at Cage Warriors 53 in Glasgow. It’s probably a silly question but are you excited for the fight?

I’m pumped for the fight, it’s going to be fight of the night for sure!

Do you know much about your opponent?

Yeah he’s a good all rounder.

Are you worried that Doolan will have home advantage?

I’m happy to be in Doolan’s home, it gives him more pressure and I’ll have more to prove.

How is your training going with regards to this fight? 

My training is going perfect! I’m with some top guys at my gym and we put it on each other everyday.

All of your wins, apart from one, have come by submission – sounds like you enjoy finishing fights then?

I’ll always go for a finish, I’m not the type of fighter that has boring fights trying to score just points.

Are you looking to finish this fight by submission too and add to your collection of submissions?

If the fight goes to the ground then a good ground fight finish would be nice but I’m staying open minded and I’ll see what happens.

This fight won’t go to the judges, will it?

No. I know what’s going to happen and it won’t go the distance!

Your last fight ended your unbeaten streak, what was it like to lose for the first time?

It doesn’t bother me that I’ve lost, it just taught me a lesson. Never fight when injured.

Has that first loss made you change your approach to training?

A few things have changed for this fight camp, I’m always open to new ideas and training styles. And me and my coach Brian Adams have mixed in a few new tricks.

As a former Shock ‘N’ Awe champion, will your Cage Warriors debut be a statement of intent that you want the title?

This fight will show everyone what I’m about and put me in line for that belt!

Do you have anything in particular you’d like to say, or anybody you’d like to thank before the fight?

I’d like to say a big thank you to JY Nutrition for all the supplements they have been sending me, thanks to GYM01 and the GYM01 monsters for all the skills and cheers to Britannia CrossFit (Portsmouth). Thanks to Funky Gums mouth guards for the top quality gum shields, thanks to Fratton Gym and Rob Prior @creativeinktatoos.

Also I want to give a shout out to all the guys that have been training day and night with me in prep for this fight.

Photo credit: KayoMMA


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