Martin McDonough ahead of Cage Warriors 52 bout against Alex Enlund | Interview

Martin McDonough is a mixed martial artist fighting out of Tillery Combat in Wales under Richard ‘Shaky’ Shore. He has a record of 9-4 and is on a 3 fight winning streak, all by submission, having defeated the likes of Dino Gambatesa and Steve McCombe Cage Warriors 49 and Pain Pit 3 respectively.

On March 9th at The Forum in Kentish Town, London, Martin takes on Alex Enlund in a bout that, in theory, should have a big effect on the bantamweight rankings within the promotion. However, it may well solidify a place within the bantamweight tournament for the title which was announced a few weeks back.

We caught up with the man they call ‘Mr Pink’ to see how the preparation is going.

At Cage Warriors 52 you take on Alex Enlund who is 7-1, what do you know about him and how do you feel you match up?
“I don’t know too much about him, I know his record and he is decent on the ground. I don’t really know anything else.”
He has a solid ground game on paper with 6 of his 7 wins coming via submission. However you have shown in your last three fights that you know a sub or two, so have you been focussing on the ground game any more than usual to prepare for his game?
“Like I said he is decent on the ground, but I feel I can hold my own on the floor with most people. I haven’t worked anymore on the ground than usual for this fight though. I do feel I have the edge stood up just as he thinks he has the edge on the ground, all fights start on the feet.”
You are currently on a 3 win streak, most recently defeating Dino Gambatesa at Cage Warriors 49 with a slick armbar, what was the feeling that went through your body when you pulled it off?
“Yeah I’m just trying to keep the momentum going, do the same this year and keep on winning. I was happy with the win over Dino, he is a good fighter on his day. I was a bit gutted with the sub to tell the truth because I wanted a KO. But I was happy with the sub of the night bonus in the end! (laughs)”
Before the fight with Dino, you defeated Steve Mccombe and Yassine Ouakil – both of which are good fighters, there seems to be a new spark within you, is there any reason for that?
“Yeah there is in a few ways. I had a bit of time off after I lost to Brum, I didn’t really love MMA so I wasn’t training properly for fights, drinking WAY too much and leaving it too late to cut weight. Then I found out I was having a son, so it was a bit of a wakeup call! Slowed right down on drinking, just took it slow in the gym and then got the desire again and the wins started coming.”
Previous to those wins, you took James Brum to a decision on SnA, he has now become a big player on cage Warriors with big wins, would you like a rematch if it became available?
“I’m not thinking about any other fight other than Enlund at the moment.”
With a win over someone like Enlund, where do you think it leaves you in terms of the title at Cage Warriors?
“I really don’t know, I’m not thinking past this fight. My mind is on him and only him.”
You signed an exclusive deal with Cage Warriors, what were the thought processes behind signing an exclusive deal with them?
“Well Kris (Edwards) signed with them first so Shaky knew what they were about, he filled me in and he was happy with it. He has never steered me wrong, I know he is always doing what is right for me. He’s not only my manager an coach but a really good friend and he has been with me from the start. I’m happy I’ve signed with them because they are a top promotion and are giving me the exposure I want.”
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you?
“I think my son is my biggest motivation, I want to make his life as easy as possible.”
Thanks for your time mate, any people to thank?
“Yeah loads as always, Shaky, Gavin Rees, all the boys that I train with, Joe Orrey, Jack “Tank” Shore, Ashley Beaumont, Ryan Marshal, Ryan Legg, Kriss Edwards, Leon Rosser, Owen Parry, Josh Reed and everyone else that’s helped. JY nutrition for my fight gear, Gladiator & Aphrodite for all my supplements, The Mouthguard Shop for my custom gum shield, B&B garage for all the support they give to the gym and my girlfriend for putting up with me working and training all the time. If I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry but there are just so many people helping out!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Huw Fairclough / Short & Round


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