Chris Fishgold ahead of Cage Warriors 52 bout against Steve O’Keefe | Interview

Chris Fishgold is a 20 year old mixed martial artist fighting out of Next Generation in Liverpool. He has an undefeated professional MMA record of 7-0 and on March 9th at The Forum in Kentish Town, London, he looks to extend his winning streak as he takes on Steve O’Keefe at Cage Warriors 52.

We caught up with the man they call ‘Fishy’ ahead of his fight to see how his preparations are going.

You train out of Next Generation what’s it like training down there with all those guys?
“It’s amazing mate, we have top level grapplers to top level strikers there and everyone is there to help everyone else. Technical sessions are in detail and when it’s fight sparing its hard, the way it should be. We don’t mess around, we train to win fights and finish people.”
You are taking on Steve O’Keefe at Cage Warriors 52, do you know much about him?
“I know Steve is a good grappler with decent striking and transitioned to MMA from a Taekwondo background.”
The fight is taking place in London, have you ever fought in London, did you enjoy?
“I’ve never fought in London n but I’m looking forward to going down there. It’s a big fight for me and it’s in the capital so feels good.”
You’re both known for your submission games, how do you think you match up with him?
“We’re both known for our submission games yes, as for how we match up I don’t know what to say… I am going into a fight here, I am coming in to take your head off and hurt you, nothing else to it, I am a finisher.”
How has training been going so far?
“Training has been going amazing, I am the lightest I’ve been in 5 years but the most explosive and strongest I’ve been too. I haven’t fought in a year and a half but I’ve been in the gym constantly working on things and smashing my strength and conditioning. Believe me, I am a different machine from what everyone saw back then.”
Have you been trying anything different for this camp?
“Well over the past year I’ve been sparring with a few top 10 feather and lightweights around the UK, so they’ve helped in the build up to this fight, but same thing really, just training my ass off.”
How does it feel to be fighting on cage Warriors for the first time?
“yeah I’m made up about it, who wouldn’t be? I’m getting to show off my skills on one of the top shows in Europe.”
What are your goals within the sport, on the whole?
“Same thing as everyone really, I want to get to the top of that ladder and become one of the best in the world.”
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
“Two things motivate me, one is the challenge to show everyone I am the best and I am going to the top. The other is obviously the financial aspect, I need this, it’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at, I’m trying to build a nice future for my family and close people around me, you try and get in my way and stop that then you’re getting hurt and for this fight O’Keefe’s that person trying to get in the way… See you March 9th”
Thanks for your time mate, any people to thank??
“Thank you and yeah just want to thank my sponsors; Scramble Fightwear and PNI Supplement, my coaches; Paul Rimmer, Karl Ryan and Danny Witho, strength and conditioning coach Chris Tam, all my training partners down at Next Gen and my Mum and girlfriend Beckie for putting up with my moods whilst I’m dieting.”


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