Merv Mulholland speaks ahead of CWFC52 showdown with Tommy Maguire

Ahead of the anticipated showdown between Mervyn Mulholland and Tommy ‘2gunz’ Maguire, we managed to grab a few words with the ‘The Mad Man’ ahead of what is a fight that could well put him in the frame for that Cage Warriors title shot he so desperately wants.

Mervyn ‘The Mad Man’ Mulholland

You train at IFS, what’s it like training there and who are some of your main training partners/coaches?

“IFS are like a close knit family, it’s a gym full of like minded people not hung up on MMA stereotypes or any MMA politics in general. It’s a welcoming gym that trains hard and looks after it members – you won’t find any ego’s there. At IFS there are many different martial arts backgrounds such as wrestling, kickboxing, BJJ, Judo, Jiu Jitsu for example so I have a good range of people to train with. We have won 10 titles at IFS over the last 2 or 3 years which we are all very proud of and it is a testament to everyone’s hard work. Everywhere we go now the gym’s name is really getting out there.”

Back in your last fight against Daniel Thomas, you went in as the underdog against a vastly more experienced guy, and pulled off the victory, upon reflection, how would you assess that fight?
“Daniel is vastly more experienced than me and I really enjoyed the fight however names don’t really mean anything to me – fighters, no matter who, are human like everyone else and they can be hurt, I have been in there against top fighters like Ronan Mc Kay, Stevie Ray, Junior Baratta, Clive Staunton to name a few – all these guys are top fighters and feared fighters, I love that, I would rather go in and give it my all against a top ranked fighter to test myself.”
At Cage Warriors 52 you take on Tommy Maguire, a tough ranked guy, how do you think you match up with him?
“Tommy Maguire is indeed a very tough ranked fighter, he probably should be ranked a lot higher than he is however it’s another ideal fight for me, getting to step up and fight amongst the best fighters in the UK. Make no mistake at Cage Warrior 52 I will come ready and win or lose I will leave it all in the cage, it’s what I do, I give fans exciting fights!!”
The fight is in London, have you ever fought in London before? Are you looking forward to the crowd?
“Yeah I have fought before in London for one of my titles, we had a lot of support from our friends clubs in the London area and no matter where we fight in England if there’s any Scottish fans in the house they always seem to cheer IFS on also (laughs). I really enjoy fighting on the Cage Warriors cards and look forward to crowd, Tommy will probably have a large following but that won’t phase me and probably spur me on.”
Obviously Tommy’s brother is in the UFC and is known for his “Gypsy Jiu Jitsu”, do you think Tommy’s “GJJ” will be anything to worry about on your part?

“MMA nowadays has well rounded fighters, no one goes in at this level without being pretty decent at all levels. Everyone talks about the Gypsy Jiu Jitsu but you can bet your bottom dollar Tommy has a well rounded game. Tommy is a very talented fighter and has been around the block so will have some solid skills. I know ‘Carrick Kratty’ so it will be an interesting matchup”

How far away do you think you are from that level of challenging for the Cage Warriors title?
“I have won 8 of my 10 wins by first-round stoppage and I am 2-0 after two big match ups on Cage Warriors. It’s no secret I have my eye on the Cage Warriors gold, I am young, I am hungry , I am exciting, I am marketable and I am winning fights. I am not looking past Tommy by any means but yes if my fight goes to plan I think Cage Warriors will see I deserve a shot at that title.”
How much does it mean to you fighting for one of the best promotions in Europe?
“I can honestly say Cage Warriors is the best promotion in Europe, the detail Graham and Ian put into the shows is incredible. It means a lot to me to be able to show case my skills on Cage Warriors.”
Why do you fight and what motivates you to do it?
“What motivates me is the rock and roll lifestyle, the fame, the glamour, the cars and the money………….. Err……….. Wait that’s film stars! Seriously though, MMA is just what I do, I have been doing martial arts since I was a kid – I don’t know anything else. I just love to fight, I am a competitor and I am driven by challenge and being the best I can be.”
Any people to thank?
“I would like to thank all my sponsors – Core X Nutrition, Diamondback Tattoo studio, Gh Interiors, Vahalla Gym, Quick Copy, NK Performance and all my team mates and coaches at IFS!”
Photo: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors


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