Liam James has ‘Bad Intentions’ | Cage Warriors 52

Ahead of Cage Warriors 52 in Kentish Town, London, we caught up with Liam ‘Bad Intentions’ James to get a few words before his fight with Alan Philpott on March 9th.

You’re taking on Alan Philpott at Cage Warriors 52, how are you feeling going into the fight?
“I feel great for this fight, fit, strong, everything is good and I am very confident!”
He likes to go to the ground with all 7 of his victories coming by submission, have you been focussing on that aspect of the game during this fight camp?
“I haven’t seen anything special he can do that I haven’t dealt with before on the floor, I don’t think he’s better than me on the floor either, I think I’m better in all areas to be honest but yes his strength is off his back so I have been working bits to not let him go there”
The fight is in London, have you ever fought in London before? Are you looking forward to the atmosphere?
“I’ve never fought in London, but I’m looking forward to it as it’s closest to home I’ve been since 2011”
How much do you appreciate the opportunity given to you by Cage Warriors on their shows?
“Can’t put into words how much I appreciate the chance to fight on Cage Warriors but I think I’ve earned my spot there and will keep on earning it”
Looking back on 2012, you had 2 fights, both at Cage Warriors, in your last fight you took on Olivier Pastor whereby you lost via guillotine in round 2, what did you learn from that fight?
“I learned that I should be more prepared for the rehydration process after a massive weight cut like that! That was all that was wrong in that fight I felt terrible”
Previously to that you took part in what was one of, if not, the best fight of the year against Jean N’Doye. Besides from winning the fight, did it give you satisfaction giving the fans a great show?
“Yeah it was great, that’s what I’m all about, being an exciting and entertaining fighter! I love the fact I’m seen as an exciting fighter and people look forward to seeing me fight”
Lastly, why do you fight and what motivates you to get into the cage?
“I fight because I like to test myself, pit my skills against another person and see how I get on. I get a buzz off it and off the crowd shouting for me, it’s the best job in the world!”
Do you have any final words for your opponent Alan Philpott?
“Not really, I’ll do my talking in the cage, but I would advise him to book himself a hospital bed for afterwards!”
Thanks for your time mate, are there any people you would like to thank?
“I want to thank my coaches Warren Oliver, Lee Graham, Barry Gibson and Phil De Fries, want to thank all of my training partners and my family for putting up with me during the diet and cut and also like to thank Badboy and Smuggling Dudds for keeping me in hot boxers and training gear”


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