Handley Vs Foster – Fight UK:9

A professional flyweight bout has been added to the Fight UK 9 card, which is set for the 20th of April, as Mark Handley (5-6) takes on Josh Foster (2-1).

Both fighters are coming off losses – Handley is on on a 2 fight losing streak against Martin Wong and Chris Miah on OMMAC and Fight UK respectively with both coming by way of submission, whilst Foster is coming off of a KO loss to Mark Connor at Vision FC.

Handley is the more experienced fighter having shared the cage with some of the top guys in the country including James Macalister, Martin Wong, Shamsul Haque and Giorgio Andrews to name but a few, whilst Foster is the more youthful, less experienced guy looking to prove that experience doesn’t mean a thing when the cage door closes.

Both have fought at Fight UK before so should have an army of supporters cheering them on which will make for a great atmosphere inside the Athena come April 20th.

For tickets go to www.fightukmma.co.uk/tickets


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