Frasier Opie to fight on EFC Africa 18!

Adopted Brit, Fraser Opie, (10-5) is set to take on highly rated kickboxing fighter, Jason ‘JMC’ Culverwell (2-0) on EFC Africa 18 on the 1st of March 2013.

fraser opie‘The Omen’, as Opie is known, left South Africa for the UK in 2003 where his has racked up an array of wins over some great opponents including Ivan Salaverry in mid 2012.

Opie has lost most of the accent and one of his facebook friends actually commented on his status;

“EFC are about to witness the most cockney South African they’ve ever seen”

Currently on a 3 fight win streak, Opie is planning to ‘go home’ and show the South Africans what he is made of, before returning to the UK.

He said;

“I’m going home to take over!”

I for one cannot wait to see Opie smash it on EFC, I know he’s wanted to fight on the show for a while now because of his roots, so he will be training extremely hard to showcase his skills to a great South African crowd.


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