‘Capcom’ Cory Tait on becoming UCMMA bantamweight champ!

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After an impressive win at UCMMA 31 to become the bantamweight champion after defeating Jody Collins in a thrilling contest, we managed to grab ‘Capcom’ himself for a few minutes to fire some questions his way. We touch upon the recent fight and title win, his KO loss to Spencer Hewitt and what the future holds for ‘Capcom’ Cory Tait.

Here’s what he had to say;

Hey mate, great win on the weekend, he was a tough guy, who was undefeated. Before the fight, what were you expecting from Jody?

“I was expecting a tough fight as usual, with Jody predominantly being a wrestler and an undefeated one at that, I knew I had to be super sharp in all areas. He also trains at Team Titan and a few of those guys are in UFC already so I knew he would have a good strategy to fight me. But as you guys saw, my strategy prevailed.”

He managed to take you down, and you said his wrestling was very good, did you feel in danger at all when he was on top of you?

“Funny enough not at all, I knew how dangerous he was on the ground but like I said in my post fight interview, I’m dangerous down there too. I lost a pro fight early in my career to a guy who didn’t actually fight me, literally held me down and made it to a decision. That fight really got to me but made me realise that anyone can win, no matter how good or bad their level is, so I vowed that anyone that takes me down is getting tapped or I’m gonna get up and knock them out for taking me down.”

For the most part of the stand up during the fight, you had your hands by your side, was that to throw Jody in any way?

“Of course! I didn’t want to put my hands up and make him see me as any other fighter, because I’m not. I’M CAPCOM CORY! (Laughs) 

It was also to show the rest of the division that my chin is there regardless of the Spencer (Hewitt) fight. Don’t fight me thinking all you need is one shot, because you’ll need way more than that.”

The loss to Spencer (Hewitt), how did you react to that? Some people it really messes them up, but you were straight back in, did you learn allot?

“That fight was so quick that it still feels surreal. I wasn’t fazed at all by that fight. It was more of an error on my part than him being as sick as he might believe. I don’t like to chill out on losses so I took the next fight offered to me. I still learned allot in that fight as I do in all my fights, win or lose, but I know now that the fight with Spencer was needed for me to progress as the fighter I plan on becoming.”

Now you are UCMMA bantamweight champ, any ideas on what’s next for you?

“Now I’m champ, the plan is to defend what’s mine for as long as I need to, and follow the guys like Jimi Manuwa and John Maguire. My reign of dominance is now, I’m the best I’ve ever been at the moment and I strongly doubt that anyone is going to take this belt from me.”

Lastly I like to ask people why they fight, and what motivates you to get in the cage?

“I’ve been blessed with a certain skill set and can do things when I fight that not many guys can even think about. My family aren’t poor, but we aren’t in the hills with a mile or two between us and the neighbours. I want to change the lives of the people closest to me and give them the life they deserve. I can’t work the average joe job as I was doing before, it’s not for me. If I have to knock a few people out and break a few limbs off so that my parents can have their beach house in the Caribbean, so be it. But I’ll succeed at this regardless.”

Thanks for your time Cory, are there any people you would like to thank?

“As always I’d like to thank the guys at Gintas Combat, always helping me improve; Gintas himself, Paulie Steyne, Sara Shine who sorts my PR stuff and is a wizard at sports massage, my sponsors; Lonsdale, One Stop MMA Shop, MMA Apparel, Vita Coco and Bio X supplements, the fans who support me and this sport, I love you all and of course we can’t forget love to fight magazine! Sickest name for a magazine by far!  Thank you guys”

Picture 1 and home screen featured image by Mark Blundell

Picture 2-6 by Helen Parish / HelsBels Photography / Love 2 Fight


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