Fight Scene 5 – Review and Results

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Fight Scene returned with another decent show tonight at the Clapham Grand in London. It was unfortunate that so much went wrong with the card in the lead up, with Dan Edwards pulling out of the fight with Leeroy Barnes, it just wasn’t the same. With all of the other late pullouts, credit to Martyn, he pulled it together and managed to match a decent card of pretty well matched fights, on the whole.

In the main event, Alex Montagnani took on Steven Mcdonald in a pro welterweight match-up and it was a quick finish. After catching Mcdonald, he shot for a takedown, however Montagnani was too strong, he wrestled Mcdonald to the floor and took his back. After landing some strikes, he went for the rear naked choke, he didn’t get it, so dropped some heavy shots before the ref called a halt to the contest.

In the co-main event, crowd favourites Vinny Church and Liam Creighton went to war in a semi pro fight. Initially Vinny was landing great jabs whilst standing, rocking Creighton’s head back a few times. After a minute or so, Creighton had enough, he shot for the takedown and he was successful. He transitioned quite well into mount and landed lots of shots to the head of Church, however he was defending well. Liam was heavy on top, not leaving much space for Church to attack off his back. Eventually, Church gave up his back and Creighton locked in the rear naked choke.

*Both sets of fans were brilliant! A bit of banter between them with some songs being sang, but not taken seriously, great atmosphere for this fight – apart from the nob head that through beer into the cage whilst they were fighting!

In the other professional fight, Jacek Kaminski took on Darius Kunca, a late replacement that amost caused an upset! They came out, and Darius through a crazy hook, Jacek avoided easy but then slipped. He recovered easily but it was a little scare. They came together in the clinch, and jacek dominated, taking Darius down with ease and mounting him. Fair play to Darius he managed to stand back up, and not only that, he managed to rock Jacek with a 2 punch combo. Jacek dropped levels again and took him down where he then progressed to finish the fight with some mean elbows from mount position.

Full results:

Bartlek Gortzelak def. Lee Bam Majority Decision

Nehemiah Gardner def. Antony Newman 0.53 submission (rear naked choke)

Luke Kew drew with Jim Reader

Giacorno Matera def. Joe Bowyer Unanimous Decision

Jacek Kaminski def. Darius Kunca 3.28 round 1 submission (strikes)

Liam Creighton def. Vinny Church 2.40 round 1 submission (rear naked choke)

Alex Montagnani def. McDonald 0.25 round 1 TKO


Photo’s by Mark Blundell


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