Simona Soukupova speaks ahead of her bout at Kayo MMA this weekend!

Simona Soukupova is a strawweight (115lbs) fighter, fighting out of KO MMA. She brings to the table a record of 2-2-1 and takes on Elodie Puget at Kayo MMA, in Watford this weekend!

We managed to fire some questions her way ahead of the match up, check out what she had to say!

You take on French fighter, Elodie Puget at Kayo MMA on the 24th, do you know much about her?

“We know that Elodie is a judo champion. We do not know much about her stand up and grappling skills. If she watched my fights she would try to take me down I guess. I am up to it. We obviously work on different set ups for judo throws. I like clinch work and wrestling so it was fun to train for this competition. I also work on how to fluently mix the martial arts I do. In other words to be able to quickly change from stand up strikes to wrestling, using strikes when grappling and so on.”

How is training going at KO? Are you working on anything specific for this fight?

“Training is going well at my club. I have big support from my instructors, my training partners and actually from everyone who belongs to our KO family. That’s what keeps me going and helps me to improve as well as it motivates me.”

You have fought on Kayo before I believe, how do you feel fighting on the show?

“I am very pleased to compete on Kayo show. It brings back memories. I had my first pro MMA fight on this show.”

You recently took on Felice Herrig, you lost, how do you feel it went? Did you learn anything from it?

“Fighting in the US was an amazing experience. I did not follow my game plan and that is why I lost on points. It was a pretty similar fight to the one with Karla Benitez. There was a year gap between those two fights – too long to remember my mistakes. Then I fought in Finland a month after the US fight. I believe I did well and changed for the better. The experience of fighting (having fights) is an important part of the progress.”

With organisations such as Invicta, and now the UFC introducing a women’s division, what are your aims within the sport?

“I would like to fight the best people of my weight category as I believe I have the skills now to face them. And yes – UFC and women – awesome! Go girls go!”

I remember it was very hard to get you opponents at your weight, now women’s MMA is growing, are you finding it any easier to find opponents?

“It has been hard work to get opponents in my weight category to fight me. It has not changed.”

Lastly, why do you fight? What motivates you?

“I see fighting as performance of martial arts. The beauty of performing martial arts motivates me.”

Any people to thank?

“Big thank you to my MMA instructor James Duncalf, my Kru Bill Judd, all my training partners and people from the gym.”


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