Cameron Else – “I fight to the death, I don’t tap, I would rather nap!”

After seeing Cameron Else fight and win at Fury MMA, I thought I’d hunt him down for an interview!

He looked a good fighter, and this time he got to show off his skills unlike the last time out on UCMMA. He seems an interesting character also, with not only fighting MMA, but he has his own MMA promotion called Killacam and is an ex paratrooper among other things!

At just 1-1 he is not afraid to fight anyone, as he proved when he took on Spencer Hewitt, and it seems his ‘never say die‘ attitude is gaining him respect very quickly as he has been offered a Fury MMA bantamweight title shot!

Hello mate, just to start off, can you quickly introduce yourself to the readers?

“My name is Cameron Else, I fight at 61kg and have a record of 1-1-0. I haven’t really got a fight name but my master calls me Camchida!”

So you recently took on Gary Duffy at Fury, you won pretty convincingly, how did you think it went?

“To be honest it went so quick. I knew Duffy liked to come out and throw and inside leg kick, so I checked it and then looked to close the distance so I could get off my elbows! I love elbows! As soon as it went to the floor I used the elbow at the 1st chance I had and the 1 elbow I threw, opened him up! The site of blood excites me! I knew straight away he didn’t want to know, so I took his back and it was all over, couldn’t ask for anything more! Job done back on track!”

In your post fight interview you said about being late because of traffic and basically just arriving, fighting, then going home, what happened?

“On the way to venue we got caught up in traffic, so was late getting there! My corner dropped me off outside while they went to park up the car, I went inside only to be told that I’m fighting next! So I ran to the changing room with my corner, got changed and headed for the cage! Gum shield in, had no Vaseline on and straight in! Then 40 seconds later it was all over! Within the half hour of being there, I was back in the car heading home!”

The promotion doesn’t have a champion in your division at the moment, with a win like that over Duffy, is it something you would like to fight for?

“Funny you ask me this, I’ve just been ask by Steve (Doran) if I would be up for the title shot next! So stayed tuned for who it may be against!”

You are now 1-1 as a pro, after losing to Spencer Hewitt on UCMMA, looking back do you think it wasn’t a great decision to take on such an experienced guy in your first outing?

“No never! I know my ability and I know what I can do! My training for the fight went really well, I trained so hard and was prepared fully, I could not of been in better shape! But in the last week up to the fight something happened in my personal life and mentally threw my concentration from the fight! I was so close to pulling out but I didn’t want to do that. I thought I would just put it all to the back of my head and it’d be fine! But I really couldn’t get my head in the fight! I was walking to the cage and I didn’t feel anything, no fear, no nothing! I was like “come on switch on!” I believe in order to beat someone you need to have to fear them a little so you fight to your best! This is the 1st time I’ve made this aware to people, I didn’t want to tell everyone I had problems and look to use that as an excuse! I don’t want to take anything away from Spencer he’s a very good fighter! But he didn’t fight me that night and I know next time we meet things will be a lot different!”

Looking onwards, you have a fight lined up on UCMMA against Andy McEwan, a tough guy and again very experienced, how will you be preparing for that fight?

“Experienced yes he is, but the fighters that he has fought and beaten are not at a level where I would be like “wow he’s beaten him!” Things don’t faze me much, I know what I can do and I do it well! Andy used to be with London fight factory who I train with now and again, and they have kindly offered a hand in my fight camp to ensure I win this fight convincingly, so everyone watching this fight will see a different fighter altogether from the outing with Spencer!”

Have you seen any weaknesses in his game that you think you can capitalise on?

“I’m an ex Paratrooper! So when it comes to fitness and mental toughness, I know I have a great advantage! I fight to the death and you see in the Spencer fight, I don’t tap! Would rather nap! (laughs) Andy taps! So to me, that says a lot about a fighter! I will look to keep the fight standing! But if Andy tries to take it to the floor then he will be submitted for sure!”

Moving on to your MMA promotion, Killacam, I like the name, I like the logo – when’s the next show?

“The name is nothing to do with me being called Cam (laughs) a lot of people think that. You must of played Call Of Duty? Well Killacam comes from there! You know the KILL CAM at the end of the game. “killa camera action”, “catching the deadliest moments inside the Octagon!”. Next show December 8th, Margate Kent at the Winter Gardens! Get tickets direct on 01843296111”

What makes the show different to others?

“I honestly think there are a lot of shows out there for one thing, and that is to make a quick buck! I am not! I’m in it because I love the sport and want to see it grow and help to be a part of that growth in any way! With my show, it is all ran by me and is very hard work, I do full research into fights and make sure that all fighters get treated the same! So far it’s going great, all fighters that have fought on the show have only great words to say about it!”

Lastly, why do you fight? What motivates you?

“To be the best and because I actually love going against the odds, being the underdog, and proving people wrong! And what’s best is that I get paid for it and don’t get in trouble! My motivation is my family and close friends! Ohh and Brad Pickett, I think where he is and what he’s done is amazing! I want to follow in his footsteps!”

Thanks for your time Cameron, are there any people you’d like to thank?

“Yeah, I want to thank all my training partners from Semtex, ECC and Barbarians, DFC and a massive thanks to Paul Mcginty and Peter Irvin for working with me on my MMA and wrestling. Garry Carr for taking me for my sprints and S&C, Kieran Keddle for helping me on my striking and Valmyr neto for helping me with my Ground work! Also want to thank all my friends and family who support me and to everyone that watches me fight! And thanks to anyone I have forgotten to mention!”

Photo 1 by Paul Regan / MMA FightFoto

Photo 2 by Helen Parish / HelsBels Photography / Love 2 Fight Magazine


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