‘BIG’ Tomasz Czerwinski – “I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s Neil who has to worry, not me”

Everyone by now knows who ‘Big’ Tomasz Czerwinki is, after fighting on UCMMA, Fury, CFC and VOK, just to name a few, you’d be an idiot not to know who he was!

This past week it was announced that he had taken a short notice fight with Neil Grove for the interim title as Darren Towler was injured and was out. Grove Vs Big T is going to be crazy! So after UCMMA did an interview with Grove, I thought I best give the other half of the main event a chance to have his say!

Last time at UCMMA, you took on Chi Lewis-Parry, you lost but it was a close fight, how did you think it went?

“Yeah UK1 fight vs Chi was a very tough test for me, it was a war but to be honest I’m not happy with my performance at all, I was too slow and predictable.”

It was a stand up, UK1 title fight; do you think it would have been different if it was MMA?

“Well you can’t really make any assumptions regarding how the fight would go if it was  an MMA bout, obviously Chi wouldn’t be throwing so many kicks and knees risking being taken down, it’s really hard to say.”

There was an issue with how many knees were thrown in the clinch, can you explain the situation?

“Multiple knees in a clinch, yeah but it’s not down to me, it’s down to ref to react if there’s anything wrong, I’m not complaining so no point talking about it, Chi was better that night and deserved to get the belt.”

Your last fight out you retained your CFC title, in a rematch with Kevin Camp, why was there a rematch?

“I was asked to give Kevin a rematch in a very polite way, so I didn’t see any reason why not give it to him.”

You won in 40 seconds and were due to fight on Fury the next week against Ian Hawkins, what’s your view on his decision to pull out because you fought the week before?

“I’ve got nothing to say about the fight with Ian, he wanted rematch talking about it for a long time and then pulled out a week before, do I really have to add anything to it!?”

So next up is a great fight with Neil Grove, did you hesitate at all when Dave O’Donnell asked if you wanted the fight?

“Neil is going to be the toughest test of my fighting life, no doubt about that! But in heavyweight MMA it takes one punch to change everything and I do, just like Neil, have very heavy hands with a KO power, so in my eyes its 50-50, but I’m the underdog here, took the fight on very short notice vs such a tremendous opponent, so I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s Neil who has to worry now, not me.”

You and Neil are both big guys, with big power, is there any chance this will go the distance?

“This is definitely a first round fight with a KO finish, mine or Neil’s.”

Thanks mate, any people to thank?

“I’d like to thank all my friends, Colosseum Sports, Ippon gym, Jordan Miller MMA, Ben Allen boxing coach, Gary Dyer cardio and conditioning, Cocoloco, Quinn&co, Spearmint Rhino, Scramble fighting wear, Intelligent Nutrition, Extreme Couture, Pantha energy drinks, Gumz- Bridge dental lab, yourselves at Love2fight and also Neil Grove and Dave O’Donnell for giving me an opportunity to make my dream come true!


Photo 1 by Helen Parish / HelsBels Photography / Love 2 Fight Magazine

Photo 2 by Mark Corpe / Fighters In Focus

Photo 3 by Huw Fairclough / Short & Round


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