Bradley Scott talks TUF after securing place in the Finale

Bradley Scott is a 23 year old, 8-1 welterweight and is currently in the TUF Smashes house. We recently saw him defeat Ben Alloway to get into the Finale and secure his place for a shot at a UFC contract. He trains out of Dragonslair MMA and Trojan Free Fighters and he describes his style as a ‘grinder’ which we could all agree with after seeing his fight this past week against Alloway.

I had the pleasure of asking Brad a few questions about his journey  through the TUF house, some of the issues that came up and what emotions he is feeling now that he has a chance to secure that dream UFC contract.

We’ve just seen that you won your semi final fight against Ben Alloway in the TUF Smashes house, how do you think the fight went?
I wasn’t really impressed with my performance, I think I lacked the wrestling ability to take him down more efficiently and as for my BJJ, I might as well have never done it! (Laughs) I struggled with the weight cut so that’s my excuse if that’s allowed to be valid.
Ben was seen by a few as one of the stronger Aussie fighters in the house, seeing as you have beaten Xavier, what would you prefer in the final? To fight X again, or to take on Rob?
I would like to fight Rob in the finale so I can say I’ve taken 3 Aussies out if I win!
On a whole what was the experience like living in the house with no contact with your family etc? Was it easier to focus or harder?
It was really hard not being able to see or speak to your friends and family, and within a few weeks I was missing everyone. Being under a lot of pressure it made things much worse!
There was an issue about some of the UK team having a phone, how much did you know about it?
I knew nothing about the phone until ten minutes before the telling off from Dana
There was also the issue with the rest of the team reading your diary, did they eventually come round and see your way of thinking?
Yeah most of them just forgot about the diary pretty quickly and really weren’t that bothered! But it was added pressure on the day of the fight with Xman
What does it mean to you now you will fighting on an actual UFC card, your foot is in the door, one fight away from the dream UFC contract?
It’s amazing knowing I could be fighting in the UFC, I just hope I can reinvest in myself so I can learn and improve my skill and become a much better MMA fighter
Lastly I want to ask why you do it? Why do you fight? What motivates you?
I love fighting, I can’t believe that every man doesn’t want to do it, I don’t get it. It’s like the perfect sport to test you against another opponent
Anyone you would like to thank?
Yeah would like to thank Dragonslair, Trojan free fighters, GB bath, Saeed Esmaeli body development and Contenders gym Trowbridge


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