Fury MMA 7 – Event review and results

FURY MMA - Cagefighting Event

Down at The Coronet Theatre in South London, Fury MMA put on their 7th show to date. Unfortunately there were a few pullouts, but there were still 12 high impact, high paced fights on the card, including Pro and Semi Pro MMA as well as some Boxing.

In the main event of the evening, Alex Montagani took on Paul Edmonds for the welterweight Fury pro title. Alex came out immediately looking to the close the gap and a few knees were exchanged, Paul attempted to get the fight to the floor but his attempts backfired as Montagani landed in full mount. He rained down some shots, however Edmonds was still defending and attempting to escape so the ref allowed it to continue. Edmonds gave up his back where Alex was looking for the rear naked choke, failing that, he returned to landing strikes to the side of the head of Edmonds. Although still in the fight, as the shots were not that hard, the referee stepped in as Edmonds was not working to improve his position and was not intelligently defending himself.

Although it was the only other pro fight on the card, it wasn’t the co-main event, but Cameron Else took on Gary Duffy in a pro bantamweight fight. The fighters met at the centre, where they both threw a few strikes. Duffy looked for the takedown, which Else quickly countered with a trip, he landed some big shots on the ground and Duffy replied trying to get up. Else quickly sprawled on his attempts and tried to lock in a darce choke, quickly transitioning to take the back of Duffy where after landing a few shots before securing the rear naked choke.
Brendan Cherry took on Jarvis Grey in semi-pro fight which was an absolute war. Cherry came out straight away with a nice push kick to the belly of Grey which he clearly did not like. The rest of the round was mainly made up of both guys swinging for the fences, however Cherry was the more technical striker of the two, landing a few clean, crisp shots. At the end of the round Grey managed a takedown, but I still think that Cherry took the round.
In round 2 Grey was visibly tired, and after another push kick to his belly, he was gassed. He, at one point, asked Cherry to give him a moment to get his breath back, just like Tank Abbott back in the day! Cherry wasn’t having any of it, and quickly pounced on him to finish the fight.
In another semi-pro fight, Dean Simmonds aka Gonzo took on Jay Stone. Instantly Stone came charging for a takedown, but Simmonds got his under hooks and turned stone into the cage. Making space, Simmonds landed a bone crushing knee to the solar plexus which rocked Stone. Credit where credit is due, Stone continued to fight on but that was the game changing moment of the fight. Stone tried for another takedown, but left his neck hanging as Simmonds sprawled. Simmonds doesn’t need to be given a neck twice as he showed in his last fight at WCMMA. So he gripped it and didn’t let go, forcing the tap.
Here’s the full list of results;
Alex Montagani def. Paul Edmonds GnP Round 1 4.25
Cameron Else def. Gary Duffy 0.40 RNC round 1
Semi Pro MMA
Brendan Cherry def. Jarvis Grey by TKO 1.00 Round 2
Paul Farugiter def. Joe Violer UD
Jason Kenny def. Ryan Woodford 1.48 round 1
Ricky Moore def. Curtis Stilwell 0.20 GnP round 1
Alec Connelly def Rayko Levitch 2.00 round 2
Nathan Shety def. Rob Collins round 1 RNC
Dean Simmonds def. Jay Stone guillotine 0.30 Round 1
Dan Lawal def. Jason Tyldesley by TKO 1.10 Round 1
Sam Morgan def. Craig Cohen round 1
Declan Mcdonagh def. Matt Webb 1.30 round 1


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