Round up of MMC Fight Club Press Launch

From the press conference of MMC-FC today, it became apparent that there are a few base models that the team are sticking to.

From the start, we were told that they are not competing with other shows. Their intention is not to compete and compare themselves with other shows, but  just add to what has already been achieved within UKMMA.

Oli Thompson faces off with Damien Grabowski

On that topic, they said that they will be working alongside Safe MMA as soon as it is introduced, as well as having drug testing in the future. It was clear that the safety of the fighters was the biggest concern of the promotion, which it should be.

Eddie Kone moved on explaining how the show will work, and expressed that it is not all about winning on MMC, but more about fighting with heart, “just like the Pride days” he said. If you fight with heat then win, lose or draw, you will be welcomed back to MMC.

The promotion are looking at having 4 shows per year, with the final one being an ‘MMC Elite’ show, whereby the best fighters of the previous shows during the year, will be welcomed back.

They also announced that they will be having an all female event in the future, just like Invicta, and that our very own Lisa McCallam, who is trained by the match maker Eddie Kone, will undoubtedly be on the card.

There will be a video of the full press conference, I believe, by MMA Plus.

With the undercard to be announced still, the Main card was stated as;

Oli Thompson Vs Damien Grabowski
Marcin Najman Vs ‘Tyberious’
Dave Lee Vs Thomas Hytten
Paul Reed Vs Sebastian Grabarek
Kris Barras Vs Robert Skujins

Photo by Paul Regan / MMA FightFoto


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