Kris Barras talks ahead of his clash at MMC Fight Club

Kris ‘Boom Boom’ Barras is a 3-0 lightweight fighter, fighting out of Fightworkx Academy. He is 27 years old and has a style of Muay Thai and BJJ.
I had seen a post on Cage Warriors forum a few weeks back from Kris saying he was looking for fights but it was impossible to get on the big shows… or something along those lines, so when I heard from MMC-FC matchmaker, Eddie Kone, that Kris was scheduled to appear on their massive card, I had to get after him.
He is most definately one to watch on the domestic scene, and with a win over Robert Skujins, who defeated Galore Bofando by DQ at UCMMA, the sky is the limit.
Here’s what he had to say;

You’re due to fight at MMC Fight Club against Robert Skujins, do you know much about him?

“He’s got a pretty cool name. I’ve seen a couple of his fights; he’s a tough dude for sure. Likes to throw big bombs and got some decent takedowns too. Anything can happen in MMA but I feel confident in every area.”

How is your preparation going for the fight?

“Yeah pretty good. Had a little bout of bronchitis which cocked me up for a couple of weeks, but feeling good now. Smashing it up, twice a day. A fair few of the lads in the gym have fights coming up so we’ve been having some decent sparring sessions.”

I see that you run the fightworx gym and are the promoter for SWFC, does that get in the way of training at all, or do you work around it?

“Don’t forget, I’ve started up my own brand as well!! Forca Luta, shameless plug sorry! Nah, if anything it helps. MMA is my full-time job; I’m my own boss so I can decide when I can train. Everything I do is MMA related. I live and breathe it. I don’t have a large amount to do with the everyday running of the Fightworx gym though, mainly just teaching sessions and organising the Fight Team.”

You’re 3-0, do you feel any pressure to continue your undefeated run?

“Not really. Winning is fun, but it’s not the end of the world if you lose, as long as you go out there, do your best and have fun. I remember reading a quote on the Cage Warriors forum that said “If you really love fighting, you can never really lose.”

What are your goals within the sport, are you aiming for the UFC?

“Fighting in the UFC would be amazing, but it’s not one of my realistic goals to be honest. Getting there is hard enough, let alone staying in the UFC. I think to be in with a shot of making it and doing well, I’d need to move to the states now, which isn’t really possible. You need to be around the top guys day in, day out. I’ve been out training in Las Vegas several times, but it gets so expensive, especially when you are out there for a month or two. My goals are to have plenty of fights, give a good account of myself, get on to the top level domestic shows and to enjoy it. I’ll continue to help the gym grow, try to keep the SWFC shows selling out and get my brand going, that’s Forca Luta in case anyone missed it! (laughs)”

MMC have announced some big fights for their card on December 16th, how happy are you to be a part of the card?

“Yeah I’m really happy. This is the first real, big show I’ve fought on and my first time fighting in London. To be on the same card as Former UFC fighters is an honour, even if I’m only in the ‘fight that the fans choose to go for a piss during’ (laughs)”

The headline fight is between Oli Thompson and Damien Grabowski, what are your predictions?

“Tough one. When you put two monsters like that in a cage, anything could happen. I don’t really wanna choose. What if they read this? I could be in the same changing room as one of these units. Can you imagine? “You reckon I’ll get KO’d then do ya?” uh….no thanks!”

Why do you fight? What motivates you?

“I get to tell all my Facebook and Twitter mates that I’m a dead hard cage fighter and that, so that’s pretty cool. Truth is I like punching people, it makes me happy. I enjoy the challenge, pushing myself to the limits.”

Any people to thank?

“I’d like to thank Darren Yeoman, Mark Edwards and all the guys at Fightworx. Also like to thank myself for sponsoring me with awesome Forca Luta gear!”


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