Paul Reed Vs Sabastian Grabarek set for MMC Fight Club

Our very own Paul Reed is set to take on Polish fighter, Sabastian Graberek at next month’s MMC Fight Club.

Reed, who is currently 20-10-1 (sherdog) has fought some of best in the business, with names such as Brad Pickett and Akira Corassani on his resume. He has also fought on some of the biggest shows there are, from KSW to BAMMA and is also a Cage Rage veteran.

He isn’t getting any younger, but is coming off of a quick win against Craig Allen at Kore MMA 2 and is also fighting in Finland this weekend (November 17th) against a top quality European opponent in Tom Niinimaki. A win over such a well decorated fighter will hold him in good stead for his next bout with Grabarek at MMC-FC on December 16th.

Grabarek, 5-3-1 (sherdog), is a tough durable fighter hailing from Poland who will present a stern challenge for Reed, however. Previously on a 3 win streak, he is currently 0-2-1 in his last 3 fights so will be hungrier than ever to get back into the win column.

With MMC’s strong Polish roots, there is sure to be a great support for the Polish fighters, so although it will be in Reed’s back yard, Grabarek will be looking to cause an upset for the home supporters and give the Polish fans something to cheers for.

This fight presents a great show for the fans, with the experience that Reed brings to the cage, and the challenge that Graberek offers, I cannot wait for these two warriors to enter the cage. Let’s do this!

MMC Fight Club takes place on December 16th at London’s Indig02 arena and is headlines by a mouth watering heavyweight fight between Oli Thompson and Damien Grabowski.

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4 responses to “Paul Reed Vs Sabastian Grabarek set for MMC Fight Club

  1. Paul Reed, you should buy a skirt you sissy. This was third time when you cancel your fight in Finland. Everybody knows that you have no chance against Tom, but why you even promise to fight and then pull out every time like girl? You just made lot of enemies in Finland!!!

  2. Timo 2 sides to a story. You sound like the fat guy from Due Date. What are you a girl or something. Thanks for your input.

    • You already had this kind of reputation here cause this is third time you cancel in Finland. I understand injuries, but this time you just feel bad…? When I heard about this fight I was joking to my friends that he is going cancel anyway. Surprisingly again… And yes, I maybe said this in bad way, but I hope you understand there is many people here who already booked tickets and hotels to see this fight. And because of your history nobody is going to believe your excuses…

      • And correct me if im wrong but didnt you were suppose to fight this grabarek also earlier somewhere. And you cancelled it?


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