Bryan Creighton – “Being a soldier means I am mentally and physically prepared for anything”

Bryan Creighton is a bantamweight fighter, fighting out of Sapphire MMA. He is also a British Army fusilier and has recently moved over to MMA after a successful Muay Thai career; including British titles as well as a bronze medal at the world championships. At 2-0 in his MMA career, Creighton now takes on up and coming prospect Nathan Greyson at BAMMA 11 on December 1st in Birmingham.

We managed to catch up with Bryan ahead of the showdown to see how he is feeling about the fight, how training is going and some more general things to introduce him to the world of UKMMA;

You are 2-0 now, how do you feel getting such an opportunity on BAMMA seeing as you have so few fights and many regard it as the best show in Europe?

“Overwhelmed with the fact I’m only 2-0 and going to be competing on Europe’s biggest show!”

You are taking on Nathan Greyson, who is currently on a 3 fight win streak I believe, you have also fought on the same show as him before at CFC, how do you feel you both match up?

“I think it’s a brilliant match up, as we both like to stand and bang!”

You are from a Thai boxing background, so I assume you would want the fight to stay standing, Greyson has shown his vulnerability standing with his KO loss to Arnold Allen, however trains at Team Titan who are known for good wrestling skills. How have you been preparing for this match up in terms of keeping it on the feet?

“I always prepare for the worst, working on my ground game is vital so I don’t have any dark areas where my opponent might think he has an advantage over me. Therefore I cover every aspect of my game!”

You are also a British Army Fusilier; can you tell us a little about what that entails, and how you fit your intense training schedules around it?

“I’m in the 2nd battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, we are known for our ferocity into battle! A day consists of physical training in the morning, followed by skill at arms revising various weapon systems. In the afternoon we do field craft, working on our field skills. My training around army life varies as to when I have a fight approaching. I get compensatory leave in order for me to fulfil my intense training around my job as a Kingsman.”

Your MMA debut was on short notice and you won on decision, do you think that shows just how in shape you are? Is it because of the Army training that you were able to take a fight on short notice and still manage to win on a decision?

“Short notice but being a soldier within the British Army I am mentally and physically more prepared for anything that life has to throw at me.”

You fought Greyson’s team mate at CFC in which you won, do you think there is that added fuel to the fire on Greyson’s part because of that win against his team mate?

“I think beating Greyson’s team mate is all healthy rivalry” (laughs)

Lastly I’d like to ask why you fight? What keeps you motivated?

“I’ve fought since I was a child and I’ve one goal… to be the best I can possibly become, to work my way through to the top and no one will stand in my way.”

Anyone to thank?

“Would like to thank the Duke of Lancasters regiment, my sponsors, my team and TFl sports agency without you all it wouldn’t be possible.”


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