Darren ‘Powerhouse’ Towler – “It just takes one punch to dictate the ending”

After securing a TKO win over Dayman Lake to defend his UCMMA title, 31 year old heavyweight, Darren ‘Powerhouse’ Towler is ready to move onto the next obstacle in between him and his dream of the big shows. With a record of 9-6, he has had his fair share of losses, but now on a 5 win streak, and training properly, he seems to be unstoppable. Training out of Team Machine with Ian Freeman, TSG – Team Sure Grip with Dan Burzotta and Spartans Performance, he has the team of a champion, and a champion is what he is.

In his last fight, he made quick work of Dayman Lake, who many thought would be a tough test for Darren as he has a good ground game and has the takedowns to get it to the mat. However it didn’t turn out that way as Darren scored a TKO victory in round 1;

“My last fight was a massive shock to me, I expected the fight to be more of a battle of strengths – his takedowns and ground game against my takedown defence and striking, but that’s always the danger in a heavyweight fight, just takes one punch to dictate the ending.”

At the press conference beforehand, Dayman said that he had been working very diligently on his boxing skills, and at first in the fight, it seemed to have paid off;

“Dayman caught me with couple of strikes, one being a good jab, but I just kept calm and resisted rushing him, he obviously put allot into improving his stand up and it showed .”

Two weeks after the UCMMA title defence, Darren was set to take on former UFC champion, Ricco Rodriguez at UWC 21. Unfortunately, Darren was injured during the fight with Dayman and wasn’t able to take the fight;

“That was a good fight for me and I felt bad letting down UWC, which is something I never do. But in the Dayman Lake fight I hurt my right hand during the ground and pound, making it impossible to strike with it even in training and in the Ricco fight I needed my striking to be 100 percent.”

UCMMA have announced that Towler will now go ahead and fight former UCMMA champion and UFC/Bellator veteran, Neil Grove, in the second defence of his title. I’m absolutely buzzing for this fight and cannot wait for December 1st;

“I mean to me every fight is a tough one, like I said before it can just take one punch to change a fight or one mistake. As far as stature and well earned big name goes, Neil Grove is definitely my biggest challenge and opportunity, he’s a name that carries allot of respect.”

If Darren were to beat Grove in December, then that will be 6 straight wins, and when a heavyweight wins that many times in a row, the big shows usually take notice;

“A win over Neil alone I think would carry weight, but my run of wins hopefully will get me at least noticed and hopefully make my early career losses not too much of an issue.”

Back in June, Darren was scheduled to fight Jeff Monson on Made4TheCage, however it all fell through, and he had to take on late replacement, Brad Conway;

“Yeah the Jeff Monson fight on M4TC that unfortunately never came off, was disappointing but all credit to Dale Percival (M4TC promoter) he managed to get me a replacement so wasn’t a total loss.”

Darren trains at TSG, with the likes of Stav Economou, who has fought Neil Grove in the past, fighting to a draw, however I would argue that he won. Training with such a highly regarded heavyweight on the UK scene, must be a great help;

“I train between both my gyms Team Machine and TSG. Working with Stav Economou is a massive help, he’s a big heavyweight who of course went the distance with Neil and got a draw. All the lads at TSG are top fighters and top guys who make you welcome.”

Darren also trains with the legend, Ian Freeman, at his brand new, state of the art gym, Machine MMA, which is a far cry to how they started off together training in a little room;

“I also train with Ian Freeman and the lads at Team Machine, Ian was the guy who got me started and also stuck by me when I was struggling early on finding my feet in the cage. His new gym is unreal, has all the latest equipment to train with and a large cage which is ideal come sparring. The old one… you say gym… was more like a room, but we did what we needed to do in it. Ian knew that to help his fighters, he had to provide them with the best and he has done that.”

A fighter needs to have something deep inside, to enable them to keep ploughing through the training sessions, sometimes its family, sometimes it’s just a self driven will to succeed… In Darren’s case it’s the support he gets that keeps him as hungry as ever;

“What keeps me motivated; I’d have to say the support and encouragement I get off people on Facebook and Twitter and of course friends can see I’m getting to a good place in my career and that’s given me a hunger to achieve more, so the hard work is all worth it.”

Darren would like to thank the following people;

“Please I’d like to thank Ian Freeman, Dan Burzotta, Jack Lovett and Micky Thompson for the time, effort and support over the years with training me up to where I am. Lads at all the gyms I train at and sponsors BadBoy, Shark Club Bar Newcastle, Bejoux & Some Like It Hot Newcastle, Sunny Gill Leisure Consett, Genetic Supplements and my tattooist Kev Turner Durham and everyone else who supports me, thank you”


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