Jason Radcliffe – “Lightning doesn’t strike twice…”

Jason ‘The Assassin’ Radcliffe is a 26 year old middleweight fighter, with a record of 5-1. He fights out of EKBJJ – Bloodline Fight Team, under the legend Eddie Kone, and is the current UK1MMA middleweight champion. We managed to catch up with Jason ahead of his grudge match with Ben Callum for the UCMMA title in December.

After a dominant display against Jimmy Millar at UCMMA 30, I wondered how Jason felt the fight went;

“The fight went according to plan, my opponent got changed a few weeks out so we went in there with one plan and one plan only, and everything went exactly how it was supposed to. I went in there and got the job done. I showed the skills I needed to on the night, nothing more, nothing less.”

Millar is a welterweight naturally, but no one else on the UCMMA roster would take the fight, props to Jimmy for taking the fight, but why won’t any of the middleweights fight Radcliffe?

“That’s a good question, I don’t know…  I wouldn’t fight me, when I’m 100% focused I wouldn’t want to fight me, so that’s a good question.”

At the weigh ins there was a bit of tension between Jimmy and Radcliffe. Jimmy is a very eccentric guy, so to speak, and Radcliffe wasn’t having any of it, he turned his back to Jimmy as they squared off;

“I know that when Jimmy comes to the weigh ins, he likes to play a lot of mind games, so I thought I’d play a little mind game myself.  He’s a good fighter but I wanted him to sample some mind games of my own.”

The win against Millar takes Radcliffe through to the final of the middleweight tournament to fight Ben Callum in December, which is a rematch everyone, including Jason, has wanted to see for a long time;

“I’ve been waiting Since October 22nd 2011 (laughs). Yeah of course, revenge is sweet and now my time has come. The whole year has really been like a road to redemption for me, because I knew if I keep winning and Ben keeps winning, we were going to meet again.”

So Jason gets his chance to get revenge against Ben Callum on December 1st, but what is different about his game compared to last time they met at UCMMA 24;

“I’ve grown up; my game has evolved a lot since then.  It’s been a year of me training with different top guys in the MMA game and I’m a lot smarter.  I feel a lot more confident than I was back then.”

We know Callum is a good striker, but I wondered what the tactic will be. Will Jason try to get Callum to the ground, and use his BJJ skills, or will Jason be looking to finish him as Callum finished him;

“I know he’s a good striker, but so am I, the tactic is to beat him at his own game and hopefully catch him with a lucky strike this time, instead of the other way around.”

The UCMMA title is a very prestigious title on the UK scene, with many of its holders, including John Maguire, going straight to the UFC, what would it mean to hold that UCMMA gold;

“A whole year of hard work and the recognition as the best fighter in the middleweight division at UCMMA.”

Jason had a message for Ben Callum;

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice…”

With a win over Callum, does The Assassin have his eyes on his next victim?

“Any one they throw at me, ANYONE…  I don’t dodge fights.”

When asked whether he loves 2 fight, he said;

“I was born to fight”

Jason would like to thank the following people;

“Danny Aman my Muay Thai coach, Domanic Negus from Sparta 300, Adam Brice CEO of UKFightWear, Impact LPA, Luxe Watches, NRG Fuel, Eddie Kone and the Bloodline Fight Team and my management, Mogul Fight Management.”


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