Andy ‘The Immortal’ Cona – “I will lose a thousand fights and then win one, but I am not quitting, I never back down.”

Andy ‘The Immortal’ Cona is a lightweight fighter with a record of 5-10. He is 5ft9 and will literally fight anyone, anywhere, any time!

He recently took on Jordan Wright, who is a prolific K1 fighter fighting out of Semtex, in a UK-1 fight at UCMMA 30. Literally on the bell of the end of the first round, as Cona threw a kick, Wright landed a solid right hand for a KO victory. I wondered how Cona thought the fight was going up until that point;

“I felt like I was in the fight, it was going ok. As the seconds went on I was feeling more confident and was looking for a KO myself, but take nothing away for Jordan, he is quick and I did not see hat right hand coming. That was my first UK-1 fight and it won’t be my last.”

Andy has fought a who’s who of top UK fighters; Wendle Lewis, Walter Gahadza, Luke Newman, the list goes on and on. I respect Andy for stepping up when no one would, but what makes him want to keep fighting these top guys?

“I think to be the best, you have to beat the best, and I think that I am going learn a lot more from fighting the guys I have rather than the low ranked guys if that makes sense”

Up next at UCMMA for ‘The Immortal’ is a tough fight against seasoned fighter, Jamaine Facey, who will make his lightweight debut against Andy. Jamaine is very much known for his stand up fighting, so will it make for a good stand up war?

“Jamaine is going to be my hardest fight yet, I have so much respect for him and he is a nice guy. I want everyone to know I am taking this fight to better myself and I ask all my fans to show him the same respect they show me as he is a top ranked, very nice man”

Since Andy has started fighting on the MMA scene, it seems he hasn’t stopped. So did Cona have a fighting past previous to MMA?

“I was a boxer and I loved it and then MMA came into my life and now I live for it, but if a boxing fight came up I would say yes to that as well (laughs)”

Andy now has a reputation on the MMA scene that he will fight any one, I really questioned whether he thought some promoters take advantage of his bravery and match him up badly;

“I think some do because they know that I won’t say no. But my message to them all is I will fight any guy you put in front of me, at any time, win, lose or draw, I will walk out of that cage with my head held high and know that I did my best for that promoter, but did he do the best for his fighters and make it a even match?”

Nigel Whitear was another pretty recent fight for Andy, on Grant Watermans UK1MMA show at Fight Science Gym. I wasn’t there, but I have about the fight, Andy won via body shot;

“That fight was so hard, Nigel is a tough guy and if am truthful it was a lucky shot, but that’s what MMA is. I could say that about the Jordan Wright fight but it’s just the way it is. I like Nigel a great deal and I wish him all the luck in the world and I’m sure you may hear of the rematch in the future (laughs)”

When Andy fights, the announcer say that he fights out of Impact LPA and AddictedMMA, obviously they are not gyms, so why does that happen;

“The reason for that is that AddictedMMA and Impact LPA, give me so much support and always have faith and so I dedicate my name and my fighting to them along with Rampant Bulldogs Promotions.

Fighters with the attitude of anyone, anywhere, anytime, just like Andy,  often get some stick off of MMA folk, so what would ‘The Immortal’ say to his haters who doubt what he is capable of;

“Keep hating because I am not going anywhere! I will lose a thousand fights and then win one, but I am not quitting, I never back down. I doubt myself sometimes but if everyone quit who has doubts, what would they stand for? I stand for me, I fight for me and I’ll always have faith in ME”

Andy fights quite often, so what makes him have the drive to get in the cage time after time;

“The fact that it’s him or me and that feeling you get when that cage door slams is amazing, then the first punch ahh it’s awesome! So yeah I just LOVE 2 FIGHT!”

I admire Andy in many ways, anyone who doesn’t agree that the man has balls of steel, courage of a lion and a heart of gold, is either just a horrible person themselves, or they haven’t met the man. Just by his following speech, you can tell that he is a gentleman;

“Thanks to yourself for taking the time to interview me, also AddictedMMA and Impact LPA, rampant bulldogs promotions, my three amazing children Alisha, Anais and Jaidon, my fans, Dave O’Donnell, all at UCMMA, to all the fighters that I have had the honour of fighting, 2 brothers who are not only friends, but world class fighters, Louis KO King and Tommy King, Tony Giles, also one of the best fighters in the UK, Luke Newman, Bola Omoyele, Jason Radcliffe, you are all becoming lifelong friends. A shout to Denis, West Ham Steve, Carlton Leach, Matt Lemm , the House of Pain guys, Magic and anyone else I forgot, thanks I love you and keep following me, my time shall come.”

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