Paul “The Titan” Taylor – “People used to underestimate me massively! I don’t think they do now”

Paul “The Titan” Taylor is a heavyweight fighter with a record of 4-2, fighting out of ASW under top catch wrestling coach, Darren Morris. He is 32, 107kg and he describes his style as catch wrestling and boxing.

Paul had his most recent fight at UCMMA 30, against Carl Kinslow, which he won by doctors stoppage due to a severe cut. When I asked how the fight was going up until the stoppage he said;

“I felt totally in control of Carl, I would have just carried on dishing out punishment on him further if it never got stopped, although I was happy because I had a bad chest infection and gassing was always on my mind.”

I saw that there was some sort of altercation between Carl and Paul after the fight, and wondered what had gone on seeing as they were so respectful during and post-fight;

“I added Carl as a friend on facebook and bigged him up on Sky Sports in the post fight interview, after the fight he deleted me and his coaches said Carl would have won the fight if it hadn’t been for the cut which… well it’s funny to be honest with you. No bad blood at all now, it’s all done and dusted and I wish Carl the best in the future.”

In the fight previous to Kinslow, Paul took on man mountain Scott Saward. Going into the fight, many thought Saward would be just too big and strong for Paul after witnessing Scott knock out his previous opponent in 7 seconds. Paul proved the doubters wrong, but I wondered if he minded being the underdog;

“I like being the underdog because I feel I’ve got more to prove! But really in my head I knew I was being badly underestimated.”

His last 3 fights have been on UCMMA, but some people forget that Paul has a past, previously taking on the likes on Jeff Monson. Now that Paul has found success, I asked whether a rematch with Monson was something he would entertain;

“I would love a rematch with Jeff Monson I’d be more aggressive and I’m much better now than I was when I fought him!”

A few people have compared Paul to Roy Nelson, due to the extra weight he carries. People may look at him and think he is out of shape but I question whether people have took him lightly solely because he doesn’t have muscles from Brussels that are ripping his t-shirts;

“People used to underestimate me massively! I don’t think they do now, now that my cover’s blown and they realise a bit more what I’m about! I have to carry weight to remain a heavyweight; I’ve not got the muscle to be a ripped heavyweight. If I was to rip up I’d have to drop to light-heavyweight or middleweight, I’m happy being a heavyweight.”

As most of us know, being an MMA fighter in the UK isn’t glamorous at all, so what drives “The Titan”, what gives him the drive to get up in the morning and go to the gym?

“First and foremost I want to better my family’s life if I can make it big, secondly though, I am doing this because I looked at the standard of the heavyweight fighters in this country and I have always believed I have a great chance at getting to the big shows in America. I have full sponsorship so I don’t work and I have the backing of some of the top heavyweight MMA guys in the country. I have a brilliant camp and coaches, everything I need, so let’s see how far I can take it!”

I’d like to take the time to say thank you to Paul for taking the time out of his busy schedule and would also like to wish him the best of luck in the future. He has a few people to thank;

“I would like to say thank you to my fans, my family, my coaches and team mates, Powerbeck Gym, my sponsors who support me and lastly thanks to you guys for the interview”


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